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  • Attaching images to posts

    Hey all, another quick info post for anyone unsure of how to attach images to posts with the new interface:

    Start off by making a new topic. 2.jpg

    In your new topic, click this paper-with-paperclip icon on the right side.

    This dropdown will appear, and you can click upload attachments.

    Select any number of files in your file browser and hit open.

    vBulletin will upload the files, and you'll get a list below your post like so. You can either leave it like this, in which case folks will see links to the images at the bottom, or you can click one of the size links to insert the image into the post:

    And that's all there is to it!

    Happy carving, everybody!

    --Intern Jack
    I'm online here during work hours on week days.
    I keep an eye on the FAQ section and answer any questions about the forums I see, so feel free to ask away.
    Representing Penn State!

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    Thanks! Tutorials such as these will help a lot!

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      Can you guys sticky these posts so they are easily found?


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        Originally posted by MichelleOH View Post
        Can you guys sticky these posts so they are easily found?
        Done! Thanks for the recommendation.
        I'm online here during work hours on week days.
        I keep an eye on the FAQ section and answer any questions about the forums I see, so feel free to ask away.
        Representing Penn State!


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          Morning Jack,
          what is all the concern about the Camera Icon, that some people have and other don't (I included)? How do we get this camera icon to show up? Claude says that it has to come from the adm.
          . . .JoeB


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            No. Thanks. 90% of all the steps (right click or left click? ) have been skipped and omitted for me to follow.
            Then there's people that give me instructions off their phoney things without ever revealing what it is that they're coming from. Trash.
            You need a user. A user like me to write the instructions. I can't skip steps.
            Brian T


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              Got any plans to help members post pictures?
              I count. By the clock. 10 different efforts at 30 minutes each, nothing posts.
              Got any plans?
              What are the secrets that others use?
              If they really are secrets then tell me. I'll log off and never be heard from again.
              Brian T


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                RV, it sounds to me like you're running into upload bandwidth issues. Try re-sizing the images to 480x640 pixels before uploading. I thought you were the champion of loading into PhotoBucket and linking to post issues. If that's the case, then maybe the issue is with PhotoBucket?


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                  That's entirely possible. I have been resizing to 480x640 (aka "Internet Large") in Windows Picture Manager for years.
                  Encouraged by all the early success, I can find no reason at all to mess with what works.
                  That's all I've ever put into PhotoBucket. Whatever has happened, it is rotting over the past year or so.

                  Then I see a post here with 4 pictures! Side by side!
                  I predict I could do that in less than 6 weeks.
                  If the pictures loaded at all.

                  After I click on the little camera icon (upper left), what's next?
                  Where is the very best possible location is for pictures, going that way?
                  No optional answers.
                  Brian T


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                    So are you still posting to Photobucket, then linking back to the forum? Is it you post to Photobucket that the upload is slow?
                    I haven't used my Photobucket account in some time, but I'll run off now and try to see how that works for me.


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                      So Photobucket has made some really horrible changes since I was last there. Every time I tried to upload a picture, it tried to wrap some frame around it, and tried to download a whole pile of frames to choose from. It seems only uploading from the top page gives the option to not use frames. Once I got rid of the frames garbage the image uploaded very fast.
                      Now I'll try to link it.


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                        Using the camera icon in the top left corner doesn't let you directly link an image from a hosting site, it will let you upload from your computer or select from a gallery of photos that you have already uploaded. It sure would be nice to be able to access this gallery from our account or even use it as a gallery on the forum.
                        I think I have found your problem. If you try to use the upload attachments to link to an external hosting site it will go off to la-la-land as soon as you enter the URL.
                        BUT,if you click the middle button in the right hand group (advanced editor) then you will get a new bar with a whole pile of extra buttons. Use the image button and un-check the box "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" BEFORE use paste in the link address, it will work, like the image below.


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                          Would I recognize "frames" if I saw them? What should I be looking for? Photobucket and VBulliten software don't seem to go together like they did.
                          I have not tried to add a picture for many weeks. No point in another insight into the obvious. Six (6) other forum sites with wood carving sections are the same.
                          Nothing special about this place.
                          Brian T


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                            I'm sorry, I put answering this to the side and then forgot about it.
                            "Frames" That's something that Photobucket has added but now I see it has no bearing on the problem, so forget that.
                            My suggestion for posting photos to this site, can't speak for anywhere else, would be to ignore Photobucket. Instead, resize your photos as you've always done, save them locally on your computer. When you want to post a photo to the forum, use the camera icon in the top left corner of the reply box. Choose to upload. On a Windows machine a file explorer window will open, navigate to where you saved the re-sized photos and select the photo(s). You can select up to 4 by holding Ctrl and selecting. Click "open". The upload took less than a minute for me. You will be presented with a gallery of pictures, click continue and there they are.
                            You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                            This gallery has 3 photos.


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                              This is truly an easy flow carving, the wood gain really accentuate your carving. Well done
                              . . .JoeB