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Small update RE: attachment file rules

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  • Small update RE: attachment file rules

    Hello everyone! Bob and I discussed the matter, and we've made some decisions on what we think is reasonable for the restrictions on attachments.

    The rules are relatively simple: images are allowed to be up to 2 MB. The maximum dimensions are 10000x10000, so, large enough that it should never be a problem.

    Hopefully these limits will strike a balance between usability for folks with slower internet connections and convenience for those who want to share nice, big images of their work.

    As always, we're open to your thoughts. While we're going to stick to these numbers for a while to see how things run, nothing is in stone, and if after a while the limits could be increased or need to be decreased, changes can be made.

    Thanks for reading, everyone, and happy carving!

    --Intern Jack
    I'm online here during work hours on week days.
    I keep an eye on the FAQ section and answer any questions about the forums I see, so feel free to ask away.
    Representing Penn State!

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    Good plan. We all found that wood carving is an extremely visual activity. This place was an encyclopedia unlike any other site.
    I guess the next step as carvers might be to repopulate the place with both new and old works?
    Brian T


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      And thank you for all your work. Site appears very easy to navigate and fun to be on again ever for the digital technologically challenged like myself!


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        Yes! As the Woodcarving ILLUSTRATED site, the photos are essential. Access to past photos would also be nice.


        • magintern
          magintern commented
          Editing a comment
          While everything that was on the site directly before the move to the new forum should still be available, unfortunately, everything that was missing before then is almost definitely gone forever.

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        Excellent news, thanks guys!


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          At 180 pixels/inch which is pretty good resolution, 10,000 x10,000 means 55 inches by 55 inches. That would be quite large.
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            We debated sizes for awhile and settled on 2mb because we hope folks can upload photos without having to do a lot of resizing. We'll keep an eye on it, and if things get really blown up, we'll revisit the discussion. (I know when folks send me photos for articles, they often top out at 1.3-1.5mb, so the 2mb limit means those photos won't need resized).


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              BobD magintern -- have the rules changed on picture limits? I'm having trouble with even the simplest pics and have to resize everything lately.


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                Originally posted by magintern View Post

                The rules are relatively simple: images are allowed to be up to 2 MB. The maximum dimensions are 10000x10000, so, large enough that it should never be a problem.
                Here's what I see when I try to upload a pic:
                Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 9.34.01 PM.png

                Here's the picture I was trying to send someone...(resized so I could post as it would not let me upload with the sizes shown in the pic):

                Attached Files
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                  Past photos from the old forum site are DEAD & GONE. We have to live with it, thanks to the hackers.
                  Just give up on ever seeing them again. Over. Dead. Gone. MagIntern jack would fix it if he could and he can't.

                  I run Win 10 and MS Office, which has a built in Picture Manager ( how 'bout that free-bee?)
                  I edit My Pictures to Internet large (640x480) and copy all those into folders in Photobucket.
                  I can load them into these pages with no trouble.

                  This place is exactly like every other web forum which runs VBulliten. Learn one, you know them all.
                  Clicky, clicky and you're in.
                  Brian T


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                    I was wondering why my 2448 x 3264 pic wouldn't post without resizing when Jack said in the first post that max dimensions are 10000x10000. That's all.


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                      Thanks, good to know. MS Office Picture Manager has a list of preset sizes: Internet Large, Internet Small, Email Large. . . and so on.
                      I remember just guessing that 'Internet Large' would work OK. And it does. Everywhere. 640 x 480.
                      Funny thing is that the pictures display at different sizes in different sites.
                      Brian T


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                        Michelle: Photos can be up to 10,000 by 10,000 AS LONG AS THEY ARE ALSO LESS THAN 2Megabytes. If you multiply 2448 x 3264, you get 7.99 Megabytes (assuming only one byte per pixel, which if I remember correctly limits you to only 256 colors). Notice in your resize photo the numbers at the bottom: 240, 320, 380, 640, and 800? These are suggested sizes. Just make all photos wither 800 pixels wide (that's what you little icon means next to the 800) or 800 high, if the icon can switch to vertical. On the average monitor, 800 pixels is high enough to fill the screen of my laptop.

                        After you change the size of the photo, do a "Save As..." and give it a new name, so you can keep the original photo as it was when taken. To make it easy, I just add "a" to the original name. DSCF1234.jpg after resizing is named DSCF1234a.jpg so the small one has a new name and I can still tell that the two are related.

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                          Thanks, Claude, but this is just too much work....I want to take a picture, upload it, and it posts. For a while that's exactly what happened, but I have to resize everything lately and I'm not sure what changed.

                          I wish there was a way to change my iPhone setting...that would be the easiest.


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                            I decided that for any internet use, Internet Large from the MS Office Picture Manager was satisfactory to everyone. About 250kB or less.
                            Carving pictures, I don't even save the originals any more, about 1.5 - 2.5 MB. No Samsung Galaxy pocket heater, no cell phone and a computer with no Skype.
                            Brian T