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Frustrated with posting and position of posts

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  • Frustrated with posting and position of posts

    I guess this old dog is having a very big problem learning a new trick. I wanted to post an update to my Snowy Owl project. I got it composed in Word, went to Animal and Bird Carving, went to the second page to find my post, clicked on reply, pasted my post onto WCI, finally figured out how to upload my photos, got them uploaded, clicked on preview, looked OK, clicked on post and went back to Forum.

    Went again to Animal and Bird Carving ─ Uh Oh, What the hell did I do wrong now? My post is not there! Finally figured out that I had to hunt for the buried snowy owl post. Found it and another problem. I have always selected my pages to show up with the newest post at the top. Everything is reversed ─ latest posts are last.

    Two questions:

    1. How do I set my pages so that the latest post appears first?

    2. How do I know when someone posts an update to an old post?

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    The first issue is probably just a matter of changing your filter settings:
    Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 10.20.17 AM.png

    If you click on "Filter" and then change the "Order" setting, you can control whether posts are shown newest to oldest or oldest to newest.

    As for the second issue, if you click the "+ Subscribe" button on a post, you should get a notification in your messages when someone posts a reply to it.

    Hope this helps!
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      Didn't help.

      I clicked on filter (as I tried even before I put this post on here) it still only shows "Time and Show" no "Sort by or Order". If I understand your post on the second issue I can get a notification only if someone posts a reply to one of my posts. It still does not answer the question of the location of old posts. If I have not responded to a post and someone posts a few weeks later, I still will have to hunt that post to see if there have been any new posts? I hope I am just not understanding this or am failing to state my problem properly.


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        Perhaps I should re-phrase my second question to read 2. How can I tell when someone posts an update or new post on any old post?


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          I'm relatively sure you can subscribe to any topic, whether or not you've posted in it. Is that not working?

          On the first issue--do you want to sort your topic listings (which is what I thought you meant originally), or do you want to sort the posts inside a topic?
          I'm online here during work hours on week days.
          I keep an eye on the FAQ section and answer any questions about the forums I see, so feel free to ask away.
          Representing Penn State!


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            This new conglomerate of whatever the overall title is to the "Forums" is extremely frustrating. I am not attempting to be derisive; but, your last post 12:47PM sent me looking for whatever "topics" are. We are obviously not communicating!

            Now I realize that they are initial posts of new subject matter within a Forum. In looking around I saw that I had four "messages". I had assumed that these were "Private Messages" as they were within the old system. I clicked on them and found three ─ what I will call subheadings. Notifications preview must be activated when someone replies to a topic that I have also posted on?
            In my interest in learning the new system, I returned to Forums and clicked on Animal and Bird Carving. I noticed a block labeled "subscribe". I clicked on it and was told, "Error: Sorry, your are not authorized to view this page (no permission". So I still have no idea when there is a + sign with subscribe what I should do!

            I continued through the topics and finally on page 3 located the redirect I did of Snowy Owl. But it shows no statistics and no Last . Bizarre, because when I click on the topic they are there. Even a couple of posts to the post that I find I had managed to put on there this morning.

            I clicked on Forums and returned to what I call the main page. Then I went to the FAQ section and clicked on forum Message Board FAQ, Suggestions and Feedback, This brought up the topics under this forum and I clicked on Frustration with posting and position of posts.

            I went down page to your response today 12:47pm. I skipped your first sentence concerning subscribe ─ that has already led nowhere.

            Your second sentence led me back to my post of today 10:18am. The filter still shows only "Time and Show" it does not show "Sort by or order". If I could manage this it might help clarify some of my problems.

            Let me restate my interests:

            1. I have no interest, I don't think, in subscribing to anything.
            2. I would like for my posts within a topic to be in descending order of time of post.
            3. Why are there no statistics concerning my Snowy Owl post?
            4. Why do I have to search through 3 pages of material to find it?
            5. What determines the order of topics within a forum?


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              I miss the days when all I had to deal with was an "ON" and "OFF" switch.


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                ( deleted because question was answered.)
                Last edited by Michelle; 08-06-2016, 04:00 PM. Reason: Deleted because issue was answered.


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                  Hey, Paul...the only way I know to get notified of responses is by selecting them in your user settings.

                  1. Upper right corner drop down menu beside your name, select USER SETTINGS
                  2. From that screen, select the NOTIFICATIONS link - where you should be able to set notifications how you like

                  Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.13.59 PM.png

                  Hope this helps somewhat. Sorry it's so frustrating.


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                    Originally posted by Paul_Guraedy View Post
                    2. I would like for my posts within a topic to be in descending order of time of post.
                    1. User Settings

                    2. Account

                    Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.25.27 PM.png

                    3. Select LATEST ACTIVITY button under Conversation Detail Options.

                    4. Now, here's where it gets have to (or at least I do) enter your email address again in order to save the options. On that same page, under Email Address, enter your email in the YELLOW block containing your user name and the one below it as well. (That is the annoying part...having to enter your email twice when you're not even changing your email address.)

                    5. Click the blue SAVE button at the top or bottom right side of that page and you should then see the latest post made to all threads first. Actually, you see the original post FIRST, then the latest replies.

                    I know this sounds confusing, but it's not too bad. Let me know if I didn't make something clear....I was going back and forth between two open WCI windows trying to go step by step.

                    Last edited by Michelle; 08-05-2016, 08:41 PM.


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                      Michelle, thanks for the attempt to bring some clarity to my dilemma.

                      I will attempt to define my problems in single posts.

                      I tried clicking on the "Filter" button before I even started these posts of my. I mentioned this twice to magitern. When I click on the "filter" button I get only two selections

                      Time Show
                      0 All Time 0 All
                      0 Today 0 Discussions only
                      etc. ``` etc.

                      The blocks for selecting Sort By and Order do not appear.

                      Very frustrating!!!


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                        I clicked on my name and found that I have 72 subscriptions ─ in spite of the fact that I have not clicked on + Suscribe for anything.

                        Ok, further exploration partially cleared this up. I went to notifications and found that even though the Subscribe when posting block was not checked ─ I am somehow subscribing anyhow. I can now handle this part of my dilemma.


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                          For me this is getting "...worser and worser."

                          If I understand this correctly the only way of receiving new responses to old posts is to have been either subscribing to the poster or to that particular "topic"? If so, then there will be a lot of missed posts.

                          If I follow your instructions in your last post, will this solve the problem above? If so, where will all of this material appear when i sign in?

                          Are all posts in a "forum" still going to appear only in the order of the date posted ─ rather than the way they did before in order of latest activity?

                          I have to admit Michelle, my frustration is reaching the point of wanting to chuck the whole **** thing. If this, whatever the conglomeration of Forums is called, were not such an interesting and valuable aid to woodcarving ─ I would do exactly that.


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                            Paul, how were we notified of responses to our posts before? I forget....


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                              Originally posted by Paul_Guraedy View Post

                              Are all posts in a "forum" still going to appear only in the order of the date posted ─ rather than the way they did before in order of latest activity?
                              I see posts in order of latest activity, so I'm not sure why you aren't. Here's a screen shot I just took of New Projects and Works in Progress (WIP). Between your Snowy Owl and my Something's Fishy, there are posts that were started in 2015. You don't see it that way?

                              Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 9.24.09 AM.png