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  • New Topics not working

    I've noticed that New Topics are reset by the time of day not the user reading them. I've had a page and a half only to have nothing in a minutes later. Tonight I went in to get dinner and I had read one or two topics - noted on one. Now all are 'old'. No more new. Please look into this for us. Hate to log in after 9pm and find nothing new or lasting a while longer. Martin

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    I haven't seen the behaviour you are observing. I wonder if it changes with time zone. I'm in the central time zone.
    Howerer, there is a way to get new topics back. Immediately under the "new Topics" you will see Home>Advanced Search>search results.
    If you click on the advanced search it will take you to a search page. Uncheck from last visit in the date range section and fill in the from and to boxes and click on the blue "search now" button.
    Navigate the results page by clicking on the threads you want to read and use the back button to return to the results page.


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      Unfortunately, we have no control over that. That search is based on files the forum places in your temporary internet files (cookies, browser cache, etc.). It sounds like you've got a corrupted file somewhere in there. If you're unsure how to clear those files, do a google search for "Clearing Cache (your browser)" and follow the instructions. That should clear up the problem.


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        I'll try clearing cache - I have far more disk free for it to grow into. Maybe there was a cap. Thanks, Martin


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          Looks like clearing my cache is the trick. No issue on other sites might be them with clean out their old junk. Time will tell. Thank you.