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  • Patterns?

    Maybe I missed it, but does the forum have an area for patterns? My pyrography forum, painting, forum, etc. all have free patterns and such.

    Just curious and maybe a gallery where people can upload patterns? It would also be a great place for Youtube tutorial patterns.
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    That is a good thought. might have patterns in sub categories to help those in search. Maybe pattern and carving concept if it needs it.


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      Someone else here may be able to correct me if I'm wrong but before the WCI site was hacked a couple years ago there were different sections for photos, items for sale and stuff like that. But when they recreated the site the developers opted not to include those features as they are rather easy conduits for hackers.
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        Bob is correct, we lost that feature after the "Big Hack", but I like the idea of being able to find those tutorials on YouTube. Maybe if members shared links to that site with said tutorials it would make searching easier for those of us who are not so computer savvy.
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          It's also my understanding that WCI would like to refrain from seeing unauthorized patterns on their forum because of copyright issues. I guess it's sort of the same deal as putting music on a YouTube video. WCI does provide a pattern section under their magazine site under "How To" of projects that have been in Woodcarving Illustrated.