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why there is no place to sell used carving tools ?

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  • why there is no place to sell used carving tools ?

    it would be a good idea no ? maybe someone could suggest me a good place like facebook or something else ?

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    We had a classified section, but the add-on software for that section was a security vulnerability. At this time, we don't want to be responsible for administering that sort of section. We already have enough trouble keeping up with spammers.

    Facebook marketplace is a good choice, but we also sell classified ads in the magazine. Contact Thomas at for more information on purchasing a classified ad in the magazine.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor, Woodworking/DIY


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      There's a FaceBook group called "Woodcarvers Tool Trader"

      My FaceBook Page:

      My Pinterest Page:

      My ETSY Shop:


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        I'm looking to buy. What do you have?


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          Isaac, there are several different carving styles. I have tools for some and not others.
          I can't help you with tools for chip carving, flat plane, power or caricature.
          I don't own that stuff.

          I think you have to pick a style to start with and ask for edges to do that style of carving.
          Sure, you might change later on, many of us do or did.

          If you got the hots for Pacific Northwest First Nations style art and carvings,
          maybe I can help you with a first crooked knife. I've got 6 of them (right handed) on the bench,
          almost ready to use. Buy/make a bib front apron. These things can hurt you.
          Brian T