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  • Carving patterns

    Hi. I am in search of a carving pattern for a Chinook Salmon 24 "
    And also a Cutthroat Trout 12".
    I haven't been able to find them.
    Your help is appreciated.

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    Make your own pattern, I carve from photos or diagrams I enlarge them to fit scale of the project or more accurately to fit wood I’m carving.
    9AC4475C-27ED-4DDD-B4F3-DD89B48747F5.jpeg C186DB52-B1BA-46F4-8F7B-9F13D2F216F8.jpeg
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      Try Stillers.


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        What Nebraska said. Go to Google and type in Trout Fish Pattern. I think that you'll find enough resources on the hits from Pinterest to carve any fish type you want.


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          Follow the advice of Nebraska (#2 above) - Use the image search function of your computer. Download and print the image you like. If you want a 24" pattern, you'll probably have to take it to a shop that can print that large or break the image into pieces to print on your own printer, then tape the parts together.
          For carving I'd recommend you give the fish some "action" (curves) rather than a flat profile.


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            I download some pictures that I like and print the best.
            I use a pantograph to change the size up to a factor of as much as 10x or 1/10x.
            My big paper is a "banquet roll." = paper table cloth. Cheap. 36" wide x 100' long.
            I trace working copies on the glass of my balcony doors.
            Brian T