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Edit old posts to put photos back in?

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  • Edit old posts to put photos back in?

    I'm getting older and getting less projects done so less to post. I have some older posts on here that no longer have the photos in the posts. Is there a way for me to edit the old posts and add at least some of the pictures back in them?

    Maybe no one would be interested anyway, but I think I still have most of the pictures I originally posted.

    Thanks ~Mike

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    I don’t know about editing old posts but you could just reply to the old post and add the pictures to your reply


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      Our local FOX Network has a segment on fishing from a local charter captain. They end the show with a cute saying that was started 40 to 50 years ago. "If you're too busy to go fishing then you're just too busy!" I like to apply the logic behind that saying to carving by changing it to "If you're too busy to carve then you're just too busy!" I guess what I'm trying to say is that periodically I find myself with my nose to the screen when I'd be better off in so many ways creating a woodchip mess in my den. I have to mentally control myself from spending what quality time I have left on the computer instead of carving.


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        It appears that the editing option goes away after a time, but as Steev points out you can simply reply & include photos in your reply. I believe the moderators have editing access and can edit in photos near the start of a thread. Claude did this for some of my old topics, but I had to put them in a reply to make them available to him.
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