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    I've tried them all and some other local critters. Ho-hum.
    To gnash my fangs on some real food, bison is still #1.

    So once again, here are the "big eight" herbivores where I live.
    Most of these carvings are 17" x 5.5" x 5/4 (western red cedar deck board.)
    They live out back on some fence posts where I can see them all day.
    After doing one, I realized that I could do all 8 by changing the trimmings.
    ANIMAL FAMILY 005.jpg
    Brian T


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      Hi Brian
      hehehe the carvings are pretty cool!! Would love to try the Bison. All we get in the north island is fallow deer. red deer, sika deer and wild pig. The red deer is the most available of them all and is ok to eat. Never had a go at sika. Fallow have a very mild taste.


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        I did one carving based on an idea that was treading water in my mind for many years.
        Suddenly, I realized that I could keep the basics of the face shape, alter the horns and antlers and
        create a "gang" of local animal life. The size was limited to my 17" drawing paper.

        You could do much the same with the various deer that you have. Distinctive antler shapes?

        The only economical way to afford bison is to buy a whole side or even a quarter. The deal is to find buyers for the rest of the animal. Because the fat content of the meat is less than 2%, you have to learn to cook differently. The very least bit overdone and it turns into Kevlar.
        I have eaten 6-7 bison over the past 20 years. I can cook it properly.

        You come to me to barter so you can "try" bison. What have you got? Good fish?

        Brian T


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          Hi Brian.
          we have a lot of good fish Only one minor problem. I'm in new Zealand which is the last stop before Antartica. hehehe. Found a photo from an average days fishing from a couple of years ago. These are snapper. Real nice eating and sells for $48 a kilo of fillets over here.

          We head out to be on the water at first light and are usualy back home by about 1400 hours with a limit of 7 each Limit used to be 15 then 9 now 7. The fish stocks are doing ok now on the lower limit and larger limit size. Fish must be 300mm or longer . Get caught taking small ones and they confiscate your car and the boat or fine you into fiscal oblivion. A good thing as it keeps people honest and protects the fish stocks from over fishing.

          Not that many countries where you can go get a limit of fish 10 minutes from the boat ramp and only 1500 yards from the main street of your largest city in the country. February and March is the best time for that spot.

          Of course y'all could come over and I'll take you out in the boat hehehehe.
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