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    So not sure what this is. I received a follow request the appears to be linked a personal email account. This is a new one for me can someone explain what it is?
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    When in doubt ignore.
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      Many social media sites have capabilities for connecting people with similar interests. In this case, you're being invited to have the "follower" notified of every post you make on this site. Someone is very interested in your work. If you don't want such interest, deny the follower request.

      Clarification: The "follow request" is a result of someone clicking the "+ subscribe" box at the beginning of a new topic, not to be confused with subscribing to the Woodcarving Illustrated magazine published by Fox Chapel, sponsors of this site.
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        I just do two forums, I droped all the other social media sites. I get a number request to join one social media or another. Seems Like once your email address gets out there you're prey for all kinds of sites and groups.
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          Like Randy, I've reduced my online forums to one, after getting tons of "invites." Plus I went to using "Proton mail. Be safe, Ed.
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