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How to do larger Pictures

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  • How to do larger Pictures

    If the forum doesn't have any objections to larger sized pictures could you tell us how to present pictures such as shown on the link below. The larger pics are certainly easier to see detail which is what our carving activities are all about.

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    Re: How to do larger Pictures

    480x640 pics aint hard to do but you get much bigger and it throws the borders of the thread out of whack and you have to scroll left and right to read long sentences and every body hollers at bob d..


    you post the picture on the web somewhere like pictrail, then copy the image url address then on the quick reply window you use the yellow icon above click the icon and paste the image url in the box..
    thats all there is to it,,

    you can do the same with images in the users gallery but size really matters


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      Re: How to do larger Pictures

      Thanks for the answer. I was pretty sure there was a reason for not doing the larger format that's why I worded my question as I did.
      I must say thou the size Brianh used didn't harm the sentence size length.


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        Re: How to do larger Pictures

        i think the max size is 640x480, brianh was under that,
        the default for most home computer screens is now "?680x800 so if you dump a picture into the message base that was 1024x768 it would effect those with 600x800 and smaller screen viewing areas setting on there systems
        while others with large monitors wouldnt be effected...

        its a user end thing mostly...


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          Re: How to do larger Pictures

          Yet another good explanation Thomp, thanks.


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            Re: How to do larger Pictures

            Let's see how this one look). The photo is 2848x2136 pixels. The key to posting a very large photo is that it has be on some web site other than WCI's and is referenced by a command like this:
            [ i m g ]http://mysite. verizon. net/cfreaner/DSCF0737.JPG [ / i m g ]
            but without any of the spaces...

            Images that are uploaded to the WCI server (this forum's server) must be no larger than 780 pixels wide by 580 pixels high.


            I deleted the large photo URL so it won't show up to save bandwidth for the dial-up users. My apologies if it caused your computer to lock up or take forever to download. You can still see by copying the info above and deleting the spaces...
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              Re: How to do larger Pictures

              that picture is 3 or 4 screens wide on my 1024x 768 setting
              attached at 640x780 screen capture is what i see