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  • New Member--how to post

    I don't feel that the site is made for beginners. Let me first say that I have been trying for 2 days now to post a"Hello, and glad to be aboard" message. I do a lot of things on my computer, but I would not consider myself "computer wise". I thought I better take advantage of this moment as I may never see it again. I just stumbled into this. SO !
    A big hi to everyone and hope to get to know some of you !
    Cheers DAVE

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    Re: New Member--how to post

    Hi Dave,
    Welcome! I'm glad you got to post!
    Did you get the e-mail where I offered to
    walk you through the process over the phone?

    If you don't mind me asking, what part hung you up?

    Best regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor


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      Re: New Member--how to post

      Do you have a 'how to' on posting messages. How would you go about it if you wanted to send a new post advising people that you are a new member on the system. Thanks


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        Re: New Member--how to post

        Hi Carole,
        Just go to the Welcome Members section:
        Welcome Members - Woodcarving Illustrated Message Board

        Click on New Thread, and post away!



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          Re: New Member--how to post

          Hey Bob. Aren't the new members first few posts delayed to insure that they are not going to post crazy stuff?? Seems I remember having trouble when I first joined and that was the reason given.


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            Re: New Member--how to post

            Short answer...sometimes...

            I'm not sure what the criteria the site has set up...I think it has to do with posting links off site...But I haven't figured the logic out. All I know is sometimes when I come in, I have to approve a few automatically moderated posts...



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              Hello fellow woodcarvers

              Hello friends,
              This is Sarfaraz from India, a wood carver of architectural wood carvings. I will be in Canada, Ontarion, London for some time in early July. I wish to meet other carvers and wish to share thoughts. Is it possible?
              Anyone who is intrested in meeting with a carver from other country may contact me.
              Sarfaraz Hasan