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so how does one leave a question, for response...

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  • so how does one leave a question, for response...

    so, how does one leave a simple message or question, on this 'forum'... ???

    like subscription renewals, I'm beginning to think that your don't really want the obligation to 'fullfill' any ...

    currently, I'm Still a magazine subscriber - ALTHOUGH I'M STRONGLY WONDERING WHY, ... and especially after INVESTING THE TIME TO READ year of issues of YOUR DECLINING MAGAZING, AND NOW... trying to ask a simple question, of other magazine readers, on this so called 'forum', (a couple of hours 'ON LINE' JUST TRYING TO FIND A BUTTON TO CLICK, TO LEAVE A MESSAGE, is TOO MUCH to humor you AND YOUR magazines 'new-crew'...- So, WHERE IS ROGER SCHROEDER'S WONDERFUL 'BUILDING AND STAYING-IN-TOUCH WITH HIS READER'S' needs, ...ANYMORE??).

    pay-it-forward (or lay fault where it is due).


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    Re: so how does one leave a question, for response...

    Hello Pay-It-Foward.....chill.
    This is your first post and you're having trouble? Have you asked nicely for help? Is this an April fool joke is it?


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      Re: so how does one leave a question, for response...

      As I understand it, the first five posts someone makes are moderated and not allowed to appear until one of the moderators releases it. This is to prevent such things as spammers from filling up the forum. Since you only have one post so far, and that one is an uncalled-for diatribe, all I can suggest is to post a photo of one of your carvings, or ask a question if you're a beginner and haven't carved anything yet. Oh - you might also go to this link Woodcarving Illustrated Message Board - FAQ and read the FAQ on General Forum Usage and Reading and ing Messages.

      The board is actually so easy to use, even old fogies like me can do it.
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        Re: so how does one leave a question, for response...

        Pay it Forward ..... you having a bad day or are you like this all the time?

        Lighten up! I'm sure your problem will get solved if you approach it calmly and clearly. Here in the 'forum' that you seem to be so down on, we, the members are also subscribers and readers, and quite enjoy our experience here. We thank BobD and Shannon and the others in the WCI crew for their efforts and hard work regurlarly.

        Now, do you have something to contribute or just to belly-ache?

        Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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          Re: so how does one leave a question, for response...

          sir, and i use the term loosely, since this is your first time, and not knowing what to do can be unsettling,
          as i am a rookie, and have spent countless hours on this site, i feel you were way out of line,
          i assume you can read, or so you say, many of the declining magazine,{point being?]
          i guess no one ever taught you to play nice,
          by the way what was the question.
          i have yet to ask a question and not receive a response,
          i fear you might be the first, but no, there are good people here and some one will take pity,
          so sit back and relax, and try to enjoy,


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            Re: so how does one leave a question, for response...

            Not sure what problem you are having since it seems "it" worked this time....although I don't quite know what the ???? question is.

            I looked back and don't see any previous posts that needed to be approved by a moderator (unless it was this one - and I don't think that it was this one since you got a quick response); I'd just suggest that you use a little patience and ask whatever question it is that you have....or better yet, introduce yourself in the new members forum so that you could get a bit warmer reception.

            As far as the "declining magazine" comment, I really don't know what that references.... you do have the opportunity to leave comments directly about the magazine (good AND bad) in the feedback section.

            You're welcome here - I'd suggest that you keep the general criticism down a bit unless you have a SPECIFIC concern and then it can be addressed. There's LOTS of people that don't have a problem getting on here and leaving messages......
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              Re: so how does one leave a question, for response...

              "Patience Grasshopper"
              If you have spent a couple of hours on this site, I would think it would be apparent that everyone here is extremely helpful and kind.
              In that amount of time, you could have introduced yourself and received quite a warm welcome. It sounds like you have a beef with this wonderful magazine. If so, show a little bit of class and approach the problem calmly. I'm sure whatever it is can be resolved.
              I hope your ranting is out of your system and you can play nice. We really are a fun, supportive group.


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                Re: so how does one leave a question, for response...

                Well I have never had a problem with my questions even my first, beiing answered. I had a problem with my subscription when I first joined...there is a handy button on the bottom of the page that says "contact Us" it works everytime.
                If you have a question for this phenominal group of people onthis absolutely wonderful forum, just ask. But I suggest changing your tone and minding your manners. There are hundreds of people who can and may respond. I have only seen one rude person on this forum ever. I hope you have a beautiful day full of positivity and more than that...I hope someone makes you laugh so hard you pee your pants. In fact - I wish that for everyone on the forum!


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                  Re: so how does one leave a question, for response...

                  If you want to send a message to a member, which unless your attitude changes, I suggest you do not! All you have to do is click the persons name and click again where it says send private message. Just because you don't know your way around the site doesn't mean its the sites problem...!
                  "Lif iz lik a box "o" choc lets, ya nevr kno whut yull git!"


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                    Re: so how does one leave a question, for response...

                    Dear Pay-it-Forward,
                    Thank you for your feedback. Shannon Flowers and I find feedback of every kind valuable.

                    Can you be a bit more specific about your questions? I'd be more than happy to answer them.

                    Here's a thread showing in detail how to post a new thread:

                    Here are two posts on adding photos to your post.



                    As for the declining magazine, I'd love to hear more about why you feel that way. While we love to hear from people telling us what they like about the magazine, we can't fix something if we don't know it's from someone who is unhappy with the magazine is very important.

                    As for your subscription, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I'll be more than happy to check into it for you.

                    Best regards,
                    Bob Duncan
                    Technical Editor