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    Ron Wells, another outstanding woodcarver is gone. Many of you are familiar with the knives and flat gouges that Ron developed. Some of you may have those made by Ron, others will have the Mike Shipley knives or OCC knives with the typical black walnut handle. Mike bought Ron's business a few years back and was wise enough to apprentice himself to Ron until he had Ron's technique down pat.

    I met Ron when I retired to Arkansas and was trying to find my niche in woodcarving. I had just given up on caricatures and had moved to relief carving. I had bought a Ron Wells knife and asked him about flat gouges. He was agreeable when I told him I wanted to order 3. When I told him that I wanted one 3/8" he became hesitant. I was elated with the gouges and asked Ron if he would go a step further and go down to 3/16". Absolutely not he told me.

    Ron lived at Mt. Judea (pronounced around here as "Mount Judy" just south of Harrison, AR. We saw each other fairly often until a couple of years ago when I lost contact with him. He was a woodcarver in the company of Harold Enlow. He helped a lot of beginners with his knives, gouges, advice and friendship. Ron Wells with his railroad stripe cap and long beard looked the part of the hillbillys he carved. He will be missed.
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    What a great loss. He made some awesome carving tools, especially knives.


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      I have a few of Rons tools.....they are awesome and used a lot. Another person who helped other carvers.


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        Time marches on as we lose more and more of the craftsmen in woodcarving. So many carvers have Ron's knives and gouges. Great steel and always easy to sharpen. Always a good visit at the old War Eagle Seminars on War Eagle creek.
        Charlie Wolfe [email protected]


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          I have about a half dozen Ron Wells designed Mike Shipley knives. Great knives...I've used the heck out of them! The wood carving fraternity has lost a great one who will be sorely missed...RIP Ron.
          Keep On Carvin'
          Bob K.

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            RIP Ron Wells!