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  • Caricature Carvers Showcase

    I am browsing those lovely Caricature Carvers Showcase (CCA)
    I am trying to carve Saddle Sore I must admit I am finding it very very difficult.
    I wonder if those lovely carvings are done in one piece.
    What do you think.

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    Re: Caricature Carvers Showcase

    You can get the "Saddle Sore" duplicarved blank from Dave Stetson. It is a one piece blank. Many of the carvings in the Caricature Carvers Showcase are one piece but not all. Sometimes, for strength or even ease of carving, parts are done separately and added. It varies from carver to carver and from carving to carving. This CCA book was not designed as a how to book with detailed patterns and instructions. There are other CCA books that you may find more helpful with more instruction. Check them out at Caricature Carvers of America: Home Page .


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      Mathematically the saddle is a very complex item. A parabola and a hyperbolic form making a hyperbolic-paraboid. Ha that is a mouth full. The simultaneous bending down and rolling up in two directions can be daunting. (wow it is getting later than I thought! )