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Uh Oh! Winter coming

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  • Uh Oh! Winter coming

    My Frien's, Here in the Ozarks two books found in nearly every home are the Bible and the "Farmer's Almanac". The Bible is not opened as often as it should be I guess; but, the Farmer's Almanac is well worn by the end of the year. In the fall we turn to weather prediction for the coming winter.

    Forget wooly worms, we put our faith in persimmon seeds. The Almanac says that if you cut open a persimmon seed and find a spoon the winter will have heavy, deep snow. If there is a fork (looks like a meat fork) then there will be a fairly mild winter as the soft snow falls through the tines. If there is a knife (looks more like a butter knife) then there will an icy winter with cutting winds.

    I wait until the persimmons are ripe and we are several weeks away here in Whooping Hollow. Mainly 'cause you really don't want any of that green persimmon juice to get in your mouth. For the next few hours you will be able to whistle but that's about it!

    But, a friend could not wait to cut some seeds open and send me the results. Even in his slightly out-of-focus photo I can see the prediction.

    Uh Oh! Headed to town next week and will lay in an extra stock of Cajun necessities, the trinity (onion, bell pepper, celery), cayenne pepper, okra and.....Uhhh? Oh yeah toilet paper! The Alpha and Omega.
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    I don't know, Paul- one looks fork-ish, one knife-ish... Nothing wrong with being prepared, but you might check back in with the Persimmon. Good luck
    Buffalo Bif


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      How well have the persimmon seeds predicted the winters in the past?

      It is what it is. Lots of fresh snow up top here and it isn't going away.
      Hard frosts, very few leaves on any of my grape vines.
      Sunny & warm (70F) yesterday, the pickers had a really good time with the sparkling white peaks all around us.
      So crop is off, most fall pruning done, hoses drained and sprinklers picked up.

      Later today, going to a cedar mill to look at logs with typical rotten cores = curved wood for masks, etc.
      Winter has always been my wood carving season = let it snow!
      Brian T


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        Hey Paul, I used to read the FA. There is an on-line version now, have you been there? Anyway, the persimmon prediction, is that just for persimmon growing areas? No persimmons around here, we watch for the squirrels tails, if they are fluffy going to be cold. If you can believe anything a squirrel says. I would like a ton of snow, we really need the moisture. Last year we got about enough to fill one of those little spoons you have there. Got any seeds with snow plows in them? Ha!