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It's almost that time of year...

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  • It's almost that time of year...

    ....what fun stuff is on your Christmas list this year?

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    A small electric chainsaw for 'round the workshop.
    Isn't it fun ? it's fun !
    Might be.


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      Bah humbug!
      Fun stuff?
      I get to christen my den with its first Christmas tree this year. I'm looking forward to decorating the new windows.
      Setting up the lights outside? Maybe not loads of fun but I'll make it fun.
      Normally I bake my 35 year traditional gingerbread cookies but I'm not going to this year. It throws my diet off track so I'm looking forward to discovering some new safe Christmas comfort food this year.
      Im looking forward to wearing new clothes since I've lost so much weight
      I'm looking forward to filling up dog stockings full of toys that they will just chew up and make a mess with.
      I'm looking forward to making some New Years resolutions that I'll actually keep
      I'm looking forward to giving my brother his chickadee, seeing my sister in law , listening to my favourite Christmas music and making snow dogs and snow angels
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        I got a Remington 16" electric C/S as a gift. Will be some WRC log pieces coming up. maybe next week.
        Can't split, need at least one long 24 - 48" cut first.
        I still think it will be too dusty to use in the house = workshop. Outside the basement door, yes.
        Gonna be a grunt to get them home.
        Brian T


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          Would love a log splitter for Christmas


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            We are looking forward to going visit our friends in Newfoundland (Gander) for Christmas and New Years, spend time with their Havenese "Cupid", , would love to have another Schnauzer or a Bichon Frise under the tree as we had to say good bye to both our girls in last 18 months , a bit of sipping whisky would never to much to ask for,and the most important good health to everyone for another year


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              It has been a couple of years since we spent Christmas in Whooping Hollow. This year we will remain here. Sunnie and Diana conscript David and I to spend several days putting up two trees. multiple strands of lights along the 60' of front porch, create a miniature snowy village, etc. I don't look forward to decorating and really don't look forward to the un-decorating.

              There are several dishes and desserts that we only prepare for this season and I intend to live up to the fact that there are very few skinny Cajuns. My evening drink is Bombay Sapphire gin, twist of lime and fresca. Occasionally, I will deviate to a drink of 15 year old single malt that I get as a Christmas gift each year.

              I will pretty much limit woodcarving from mid-December to January - as far as carving in the house is concerned. I will be in my recliner working on the endless demand for Comfort Birds.

              Most of my time will be spent in our office. I am in the process of converting hundreds of 33mm slides to disk. For my birthday I received a player/recorder that allows me to convert our voluminous collection of vinyl 33 1/3 albums to the computer and then to CDs. So I am looking forward to a busy end of 2016.


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                I've been a downsizing kick for many years, so for the gifts I get, I always ask for consumable, foods, gift cards, etc. The last thing I want is more sit-around stuff or clothing I won't wear since I didn't pick it out myself. I do have the Veritas Carvers Vise on my list and a few things for my bicycle, but those are the only hard goods. Christmas has been so much more enjoyable since everyone in the family has agreed to cut back on the STUFF.


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                  I got a Remington 16" electric chain saw as a gift, not used yet.

                  December has been the worst month of the year for each of the past few years.
                  Mostly health issues and coincidental, I guess. Being a care-giver was never a chore.
                  Christmases and New Year's just slid by as one more dang day to get through.

                  So all I want is a nice one, OK? Just a nice time. I've aleady bought everything I wanted this year.
                  Brian T


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                    Well, we'ar going to have a great holiday (and extended) season this year. For Thanksgiving, My three kid and at least one of the two grandsons are coming, So with two of Pam kids & grandkids, it is going to be a grandiose time at the Butler homestead. Then, for Christmas Pam's daughter and her husband are coming from Michigan, so another grandiose time.
                    Then in Jan her brother from Colorado is coming for three weeks. Could ask for any better events
                    . . .JoeB