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  • DiLeon
    Here is a great video on Akiane .......My favorite types of brushes that I use!

    #Tutorial #Expert #Brushes #Technique #PaintingHere are my favorite brushes to use!Subscribe to my Newsletter for updates on my new paintings, films & projec...

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  • sappy
    I have read about her before. RV said it best, she "is extraordinary". In your quest for light and shadow, here is a good link. I think I need to read it more in depth myself.
    By admin in Art Tutorials > Painting Tutorials Chiaroscuro is an art term that’s used quite frequently, but sometimes without an understanding of exactly what it means. This article will cover the more important aspects of Chiaroscuro, primarily as it relates to painting. The word Chiaroscuro itself is Italian, and roughly means, “light and dark.” It was first used to describe a type of drawing on medium-dark paper where the artist created both darker areas with ink and lighter areas with white […]

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  • Brian T
    The kid is extraordinary. Absolutley extraordinary. I see that she's very observant to render the modelling (3D effects) in all her work. Well worth study.

    For fools such as I, it takes some practice. I was taught to pick a direction for the strong light.
    All shadows, sharp or diffuse, are rendered with respect to that light source.

    Take a look at the oils and watercolors of the great American artist, Winslow Homer. A source of inspiration to me.

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  • joepaulbutler
    Age 4, a I was drawing was flys. I agree that adding shades to your carving will add to its displayability. If we, Pam & I , get to feeling more comfortable with our painting abilities, the shading will be become more a part of our painting skills.

    Oh, thanks for the post-Paul

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  • Tinwood
    Inspirational. Thanks for telling us about these wonderful works.


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  • Paul_Guraedy
    started a topic Light and Shadow

    Light and Shadow

    My Frien's I am beginning to play a little bit with light and shadow in my woodcarvings. For me, color is important but the thing that sets a piece apart from the ordinary is the play of light and shadow.

    Take a look at this young artist's work and be amazed.

    Fine Artist, Poet, Author, Humanitarian, Visionary and Art Ambassador

    Born to a Lithuanian mother and American father, Akiane Kramarik grew up in rural Illinois, just outside Chicago. Around age 4, the young girl realized she had an interest in painting — and within just a few years, she would become one of the most well-known prodigies in the art world.
    When Akiane began painting, she says she had begun experiencing visions that she was eager to express artistically. Once she did, people took notice, and the stunning realism and emotion in Akiane’s work led her to be featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” at age 10. As Akiane told Oprah back then, she believed her talent came from one place: God.
    Akiane wasn’t raised with religion, but her visions and art felt truly divine. One of her most popular paintings at the time was a portrait of Jesus, which she painted at 8 years old. Today, Akiane is 21 and her works feature everything from people to animals to the abstract. As Akiane tells “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” her technique has indeed changed over the last decade.
    Akiane Kramarik’s Artistic Evolution
    “I did notice over the years ... a maturing. The techniques have become more detailed and more vivid,” she explains. “I can paint ‘soulscapes,’ which is my artistic interpretation of the soul’s journey.”
    After appearing on “The Oprah Show” and being recognized nationally for her art, Akiane says she became fortunate enough to be able to make a good living off her paintings. “Being an artist did actually give us the financial [means] to provide for my whole family and for others,” she says. “My paintings have been selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece.”
    Today, Akiane continues to paint and also travels the world as an art ambassador.
    “While I was living in Lithuania, I had the opportunity to help the educational government to change the laws there, to have more creative education,” she says. “Currently, I’m funding my own art and science academy.”
    After traveling to 26 countries and meeting countless people from different cultures, Akiane has come away with a poignant observation about humanity in general.
    “I truly, truly believe ... that the arts has the ability a rare ability to unite and inspire every single one of us,” she says.