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    My Frien's, Diana and I are set up in the Texas Casita (Wylie, a suburb of Dallas) and prepared to enjoy "City Life" for the next couple of weeks. Not the same view, from my carving bench, as I have in Whooping Hollow. But, while carving, I am not looking out the window anyhow.

    Diana and I have a few goals while visiting Philip and Connie besides playing with their new puppy. With them being still among the "working" class we have the weekdays to concentrate on digitizing our 33mm slide and our LP Album collections. No way will we get them done as the photo of the qlgum collection is about 1/3 of our total and the slides run into the we have no idea!

    I will do some carving as I await the playing/recording of each album. I have a frien' facing some liver surgery and knee replacement. So, I am carving a walking cane for him. It will be oak leaves and acorns along the shaft and an eagle head for the handle. I will also be carving some Comfort Birds. I cannot keep up with the need. I gave my last one away last week. I will also be visiting the Woodcarving Group at the McKinney Senior Recreation Center. Meets every Friday morning with an average attendance of 30.
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    Sounds like a busy couple of weeks! Have fun carving.


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      Enjoy always great to get away into a new environment.
      . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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        There's no doubt in my mind that your friend will appreciate the cane. My Dad had both his knees done.

        You're in a different place, right? Don't forget to look out from time to time. New places are head food.
        I, too, confess to putting my head down to carve all winter. I know what winter in McBride looks like.
        When I look up, it's spring!
        Brian T


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          Have a great time. It's nice to get away. What a nice gesture to do for your friend.


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            Have a safe, productive and ENJOYABLE trip
            . . .JoeB