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Interruptions carving in public

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  • Interruptions carving in public

    I very much enjoy visiting with folks especially people that I do not know. Because of this I do not mind interruptions when I am carving in public. Examining something I am carving invariably leads to general visiting. I often tell new carvers that the only thing that will draw people faster than a woodcarver working in public is a new puppy.

    Yesterday, I was painting the snowy owl (Snowy Owl and Yukon Sunrise) in the driveway of the Casita. It is not a busy street so a friendly nod or wave is "De rigeur" to passing motorists. So I do.

    A car passed rapidly, I gave a friendly wave, in a few minutes the car came from the other direction and pulled into our driveway. The driver got out and walked over to the painting station I had set up. He said, "I almost hit the brakes when I drove by here. It looked like you had a "white owl" sitting in front of you. I have never seen one and wanted to see it so I came back. Now, I am even more fascinated that you have carved and are painting it. From a distance this looks real."

    A wonderful compliment and yes the interruption did turn into an interesting visit to this recently arrived Texan/interrupter.

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    Score another one for "man with owl". That is a great story, Paul!


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      Makes it all worth while, Huh Paul
      . . .JoeB


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        Must be a golden touch! What a satisfying experience.
        Was in an Artisan's Exhibition. I sensed that someone was watching me carve. When I looked up, she said "Looks tedious."
        At least the PacNW carvers always want to talk tools.
        Brian T


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          I often get folks stop and watch when I'm carving while waiting for the Bride to do her clothing shopping at the local mall, but have never had a drive up watcher! That's a new one Paul, keep up the good work. Maybe they will bring a bag of cash next time and make you an offer. LOL

          Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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            I also chip carve while my wife explores the outlet stores in Lancaster Pa. Usually doing Celtic crosses. Ialways have a few finished crosses to show the gawkers what they look like. I usually give at least one a day to some very surprised onlooker. Love the look on their face.
            Bill K.
            Every day should be unwrapped like a precious gift.