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  • Can you feel it?

    That's right- today is just a little bit longer than yesterday (here in the northern hemisphere). Yesterday is one of my favorite days of the year, though it marks the beginning of WINTER (which is NOT my favorite season) it also is the shortest day of the year. Makes the rest of winter a little easier on my psyche because every day gets just a little longer, every night a little shorter, an I know that Spring is on the way.

    God Bless, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.
    Buffalo Bif

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    Hi Brian
    I love it too, knowing the hours of daylight are getting longer makes me feel less depressed about winter cold and darkness
    Merry Christmas to all


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      I can absolutely feel the 3 seconds we gained.


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        So that's why I haven't been able to get as much done in a day as I used to............the days are shorter... Here; I thought it was 'cause I was getting older...LOL
        If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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          Happy Solstice to all. One of the 4 corners of my solar year.
          Brian T


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            Yes I notice it. Having a depressive disorder & SAD , it's the most depressing time of the year. You get all the excitement over Christmas, all the obligations, all the pretentiousness , then it's over and you're indebt up to your eyeballs, 20 pounds heavier , manage to piss off 3 more people ; then you crash til springtime.
            Yes I need an attitude adjustment
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              I'm oldest. I get to pick the theme. Last year was toys that required assembly. For everybody.
              Year before was books (good stuff, new or used).
              This year is food, whether you made it yourself or not.
              There are some cookie-wizards in McBride, half a dozen kinds, $5/dozen. I can do no wrong. even biscotti.
              My brother lives on Grand Bahama, I'd like to send him some Kraft Dinner, ready-to-eat.

              I want to do toys again. Look in the Lee Valley catalog for the "daVinci machines."
              That company actually makes a whole bunch of them, I want them all.
              Last year, I built the Ornithopter. Complex build as chunks then fit together.
              The 24" wings actually flap!
              Looks so nice, I hung it on the wall.
              Brian T


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                The changing length of the days doesn't bother me as much as the switching between DLS time and the switch back to normal time.

                But, no matter the length or the type of time. there is alway time to wish a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of the WCI friends
                . . .JoeB


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                  Hi Nikki, your one FUNNY Person and I don't think you Piss Off anyone with your Great Whit . Ha,Ha. May I Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'm sure you will. Merle


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                    We're all still kids right RV?. So why not, bring on the toys, we don't have enough fun in our lives and need to laugh and smile a bit. And, with the winter solstice behind us, pretty soon it'll be flip-flops, tank tops, coolers and barbecue. Hey dear? Have you seen the sun screen???



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                      The toy thing was really my brother's idea, decades ago. Best were the silly wind-up things to scare the crap out of the cat.

                      Take a close look at the Ornithopter. That entire crank mechanism arrives as a bag of individual parts. Seriously DIY. First, I checked the parts count = everything there.
                      Built the thing, very happy with the result. Still 5 parts left over, no idea what they were for. The guts of the thing is daVinci's design, of course. The toy company wizards figured out
                      how to add a little hand-cranking mechanism to make the wings flap as if the man-power was doing that.
                      Brian T


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                        Great way to look at it, Brian! Now that the days are getting longer I can get more carving done each day!
                        Keep On Carvin'
                        Bob K.

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                          Live till ya die Nikki! My new years motto. Viva la sunlight!