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    I mentioned having the "pellet" injection back in July. It improved the eye a lot ~ until about 3 weeks ago. Eyesight in the left eye started deteriorating. I went in for the scheduled appointment a week ago last Friday. It was obvious things weren't going well when the technician "mapped" the back of my eye and spent quite a long time examining the results.

    Dr. Thomas told me that, "There is a lot of fluid on the retina. I think we should try alternating the steroid pellet and eyelea. Over a week later and there has not been much improvement. I have an appointment in 4 weeks ~ rather than the 8 weeks scheduling.

    At least, the eye does not affect my carving too much. I do need much more light and more magnification. Hopefully, we can return to the pellets next time.


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      Best wishes and prayers for improved outcome, Paul.


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        Hi Paul , I've been getting Shots in my Left Eye for about 8 years , it's not getting any better but seems to be Stabilizing it . Hope your Shots can do this. Merle


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          I'm hoping for the best for you, Paul. Eyes are really amazing things yet we tend to take good eyes for granted. Until we can't.
          HonketyHank toot toot


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            Here hoping it will get better, I know the feeling of bright lights and magnification.
            . . .JoeB