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  • Raspberries

    Maybe its the thaw, but I've started thinking about my garden(s). I have two goals every year- expand, and do things better.

    My raspberries suck. They've been sucking for 3 or 4 years. They have sun from 10 or so til sundown, sit in pretty good soil, and get watered weekly, by rain or by hose. they only stand 2 or 3 foot high, and the berries are small and only partially formed. I remember planting rasp in Dad's yard, they formed an impenetrable hedge over 6 ft tall and grew wider by the year. We had to mow them down, repeatedly.

    Any suggestions?

    Berryless in Buffalo
    Buffalo Bif

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    Maybe your current thinking should turn to choice of variety? I know there's lots to pick from (HA HA).
    I've dug up hopeless grape vines, not even willing to give them away.
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      Nothing I ever plant grows! Not much of a green thumb!
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        Have you tried some high-nitrogen fertilizer on them? I used to live on a raspberry farm as a kid, and I'd mix up some ammonium nitrate in the irrigation water to promote growth. You may need an explosives license for the nitrate nowadays, though. Ammonium sulphate ought to work also. Another option is go to a local nursery and ask them. They probably can sell you the fertilizer your need as well.
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          Ask your county agent where you can get a soil analysis done. Don't guess at the composition, the tests are very inexpensive. Compare the results with the ph balance, etc., that raspberries prefer, amend the soil accordingly and you should be off to the races. The agent should also be able to recommend the preferred varieties for your area.


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            Aside from fertilizer (N & P) and the more sun the better, raspberries need to be moved every so often. Mine were in one bed for ten years and not producing well but when I moved them they did really well. I think they say every six years or so. Arthur's advice is very good too.


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              Best to do a soil sample. That way you will know which way to go with the soil additives. Ours have done fairly well the 3 years they have been in.
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