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HONEY DO's have caught up with me

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  • HONEY DO's have caught up with me

    Well it looks like the stick and carving shop in my yard is temporarily going to become the spring time home repair and honey do headquarters. A sad but temporary state of affairs. My bride of many years has suggested that this should happen sooooon! They do have a way of emphasizing the urgency of these types of activities. So nothing new will be made for a few weeks. But I will stop in to see what you all are doing.
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    Don't you just hate when that happens!
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      It must be a world wide epidemic, ...I'm starting to get broad hints from the CEO that certain things have been neglected for long enough..........
      If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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        My "Honey Dos" not only caught up with me, they trampled me underfoot, made a U-turn and are about to make a second pass!


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          LOL Arthur. I try to avoid the list by keeping moving, figure I make a harder target that way, but she's getting out the spring chore blunderbuss and my chances of escape are dwindling.
          Buffalo Bif


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            Guys! Guys!
            What is this? A stitch and *****?
            Am I allowed to say that?
            Guess I just did.


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              Haha. Guess not!!! LMAO!!!


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                My Wife of many years Hates it when I mention to her about the Honey do List Yard Work, it gets in the way of Painting the porch and other Outside Spring Work that she has on her List. This might be the Last I'll be making for awhile. LOL. Merle


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                  Ha Ha Merle no matter how fast you run that Honey Do List will always catch up to you. I have Terry hubby working on one of mine right now...what a guy!