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  • Free Services for the Elderly

    Dealing with aging parents can be quite challenging, especially when we know they need help but we don't live close by. Or perhaps you , yourself find you are starting to feel the need for some extra TLC.
    Here in Canada we have some free government services that are offered for senior citizens who might need such help. Some of the services offered are: physiotherapy, counselling, housekeeping, acupressure, massage therapy, nursing, driving etc. It's a great service but not something many people know about so I'm encouraging you to check out your local government to see what they offer. You might be pleasantly surprised.

    Here in Ontario Canada these services are called "Community Care Access Centres." There will be a different phone number for each district .

    I'm not sure if this is a federal service or if it is done provincially but I strongly recommend researching for information in your area about these types of services. It benefits all parties concerned and certainly takes some stress off. Unfortunately not many people know about these services which is why I wanted to post this information.

    Stay safe & happy carving.

    note: these services aren't just for the elderly. These same services apply if you need help with disabled children or are physically or mentally challenged yourself.
    Its something to keep in mind.
    Theres no shame in asking for help if you need it.
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    I agree with you SW, we are lucky to live in such a great country (Canada). Here in Nova Scotia there are many programs to benefit us seniors who find ourselves on fixed incomes. Just yesterday I took advantage of a free service to have our taxes prepared and filed, a saving of at least $ 100.00. As you say " all one has to do is look around and ask what's available" and most will be pleasantly surprised.
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      Thanks, SW. Really time to consider these things. No yard work in winter!! Soggy got it right = nobody knows until you ask.

      Geezer friend got me into a good one last summer = "Better At Home". From the United Way charity funding, it provides discounted help to seniors, eveything from house work to washing windows. What we pay depends on income. For some really poor folks, it's free. While I can stand around and run a weed-whacker, mowing the lawn is out of the question. I got a really good guy to do that. The deal is, you have to supply all the equipment. Subsidized employment, I suppose it is.

      Think I'll even "rent" out my garden this year in return for some produce. I barter off my grape crop as well.
      Brian T