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    My Frien's very few celebrations come twice a year ~ but I am blessed that mine do. All my life I have been an early morning person ~ and suffered the consequences. Have you ever tried to stir a cup of coffee without the spoon touching the side of the cup? It does not take much to awaken those who believe as my youngest son. "Dad, do you know why they shoot people at dawn? Because nobody gives a **** then? I have found that those who sleep in have an excellent reason and should be allowed to do so. I don't understand the physics but something negative arrives, for them, in the rays of a sun too near the eastern horizon.

    I prefer to join the Navajo ~ who face their hogans to the east. This way they are prepared to gree the rising sun with prayers and offering. I am not much on prayer but do feel that my cup of strong Cajun Coffee is an offering.

    So establishing something between myself and light I return to my original thought. Days of celebration ~ nothing was equal to primitive nature worshipers than the Winter Solstice and return of the sun. I feel much the same way. My early morning greetings of sunrise take on special urgency as this day approaches and no matter the temperature I go out and greet the return of longer days.

    But wait! ~ as the TV commercials say, "There's more!" The second coming is only a few months away. Daylight savings time arrived this morning. My 10:00pm bedtime is only slightly, rather than long after the return of darkness. I know it is not popular with most folks but to me it is a second honoring of the Winter Solstice.

    So my Frien's, whether you think is a good or horrible idea, I urge you to enjoy the wonder of the daylight hours occurring each evening.
    Sunrise 01.JPG

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    I do Paul. Thanks for the reminder that there is something positive about DST--even if I am driving to work in the dark again at 630 in the morning.

    BTW-I look forward to shoveling the foot or so of snow we're getting on Tuesday with the extra hour of daylight in the evening, too. Lol

    Bob L


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      Paul, all I can say is amen, Brother.


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        Paul, I came from a small farming/ranching community in SE Colo. I can remember those industrious soul coming to town in the "middle " of the day only to have store closed. Their day usually started at sunup & five o'clock DST just didn't fit their schedules. Being retire it only takes about a day or two to get adjusted again.
        . . .JoeB


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          I watched a sunrise once, then rolled over and went back to sleep. I am not a morning person, and since I am retired, I get to enjoy sleeping in, after a lifetime of getting up early to go to work. I do enjoy sunsets, they fit into my lifestyle much more conveniently.

          Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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            Next to woodcarving, my other passion is hunting. There is NOTHING like sitting in a wide open pasture here in Kansas and watching the sun come up on a cold, crisp morning! I have watched the sun set on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu and from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Nothing, (other than a Kansas sunrise), beats a Western Kansas sunset over the prairie!


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              Tbox61, In part I agree. I have been a hunter all of my life ~ although these days I pretty much do it indirectly. We lease the hunting rights here at Whooping Hollow Woods and most game is now my money crop. I still hunt squirrels and the hunters provide me with plenty of venison for my deep freeze along with the occasional portions of bear and turkey. Nothing like being in the woods for a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

              But, I must also put forward my own view of the best place in the world for viewing these events. I have been fortunate to have led a gypsy life. I have watched sunrises and sets from the Louisiana swamps, to the plains and mountains of east Africa, from the Caribbean Islands to the Alaska tundra, and in the Rocky Mountains. However, no memory of these events equal those from my time in the Sonoran Desert during monsoon season.

              Health prevents me from long distance travel these days. But, if I could revisit any of the areas I have experienced they would be 1. The AlCan Highway. 2. The Sonoran Desert. 3 The Caribbean Coral Reefs. We have an amazing variety in our Country ~ hopefully some miracle will occur and our natural areas will be preserved.
              Sonoran Sunset.jpeg
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                Originally posted by squbrigg View Post
                I watched a sunrise once, then rolled over and went back to sleep.

                Hahaha. You guys are funny.

                Paul, most things you say resonate deep within me but especially this. I'm a morning person. I'm often up before the crack of dawn.
                It ticks off my other half to no end cause he's a shift worker and HAS to get up @ 4:45 alternate week mornings whereas I don't have to but do.
                Theres a clearer frequency at sunrise and sunset. Apparently, according to experts, it's the best time to meditate for those that do.
                Early risers generally tick others off and understandably so. Individually we each get accustomed to our morning ritual.
                I remember one night sleeping at the in laws and being awakened by screaming neighbourhood children. My husband commented on it. When the in laws came to spend the night with us I distinctly remember him saying "Geez, how do you get a wink of sleep here with those loud birds."
                It still cracks me up but I suppose he's right. The blue jays, grackles and crows can be very loud around here cause we have so many trees and they either live around here or stop here while migrating. To me personally I really enjoy most sounds of nature. Every year we have a HUGE flock of grackles that land on and around our property. There's probably a few thousand of them and they are loud but to me it sounds beautiful and is something I look forward to each and every year along with the sounds and songs of other birds.

                Btw.... Great photography !
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