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    This site truly has Kind, Generous members. We are blessed!


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      Pretty nifty... gonna work up a pattern, methinks. Wouldn't it be fun to surprise someone that "needs" one.


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        Glad you got it Spiritwolfe. Hope your Mom likes it. Thank you Joyce20111 and MDWine. MDWine, it's just a morph of the pattern at on I just fit the pattern to whatever size block I want to carve the bear out of. I think the one I sent Spiritwolfe's Mom is 3" x 1 1/4" sq. It was carved from a board of 5/4 pine I got from Lowe's. I purposely pick out knotty boards to carve the bears out of the knots. I get a lot of bears out of one board.

        BTW--I've been carving these bears for a while now--about 8 years or so. You can see them in my avatar--pins, ornaments, magnets, whatever--all different sizes, all different kinds of wood, often scraps. I usually give them away. I've sold a few but I get more satisfaction out of giving a bear to someone just to make their day and make them smile. It all started from my many days as a rescue EMT. We gave little stuffed teddy bears to those in need. So, not being an EMT anymore--its a young one's job--I carve them to keep busy and I still get to give WhittleBears away.

        Bob L
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          That's a nice gift and so thoughtful of Bob L. I hope your mother gets better Nikki.