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  • Dreams

    My Frien's, I have never put much stock in dreams. Mainly because I almost never remember them the next morning and because the ones I do remember are usually nonsense.

    Now I am wondering! About a week ago I related my nightmare dream (see "Nightmare" in the WIP forum). I had cut the tail off of a barn owl I am carving. I woke with the realization that I was carving the feathers wrong.

    Interesting! I, and others, put it down to my subconscious realizing that something was wrong and my conscious brain sleeping allowing the true analysis to come through. Now, I am reconsidering dreams.

    About the same time as the "carving" nightmare I had another dream. Coincidence or prescience? I lost my favorite pocket knife, and the chapstick I keep in the same pocket, about 4 months ago. I searched everywhere. Then the dream ~ which I related to Diana, Sunnie and David at the time.

    The dream: Sunnie and David were here at the house, between them was a lamp sitting on an end table and my knife was laying on the table. We do not have a table, nor table lamp, matching what I saw in my dream. What we do have is shown in the photo.

    They told me you are obsessing over that knife. Buy one like it and move on. I am emotionally attached to only one of my knives ~ a small pen knife given to me by Diana and the boys many years ago. I carry it when wearing dress clothes. The knife I lost used to be called a "Cattleman". It is a three blade knife about 5" long. I am not emotionally attached to this knife but I am to this style knife. I looked for quite a while before replacing the one before (blade was loose from prying and shortened from use as a screwdriver). They are hard to find now. So we talked about my dream, knives and chapstick for some while.

    The happening: Last evening Sunnie and David were here for dinner. We were having after dinner drinks when Sunnie heard something drop under her recliner. she moved the chair and there was my knife. Sunnie said, "You said your knife and chapstick are always together in your pocket?"

    I said, "Yes, I have carried a pocket knife in the left hand pocket of my pants since before grade school. When we lived in the desert, chapstick joined it. They are always there. They are always together."

    She felt down between the cushions and there was the chapstick! I am rethinking dreams.


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    An interesting story Paul. I have had similar experiences with lost pocket knives. Sometimes, when I am fretting about a carving challenge, the solution comes to me "in a dream" - in that dream state that scientists call REM sleep.


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      It's odd but sometimes dreams gives clarity to something. I also always carry a knife and chapstick together in my pocket, have for years.


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        I have fretted over a problem, or tried to remember a name or something, without success only to have the solution come to me in the middle of the night or after I had given up consciously trying for an answer. This happens to me so often that I've concluded that the subconscious mind continues to think about problems on its own without our realizing it whether awake or asleep. Wonderful thing, the mind, even better than Google!


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          Hi Arthur, That happens to me all the time , I think it has something to do with Age, for me anyway. Ha,Ha. Merle


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            The recliner thief, yes it has been around our house for a long time. It finally struck enough time that I think to look there I'm a prolific dreamer, some I remember some I don't, but often I will dream the solution to something I'm trying to solve, (nothing earth shaking)
            . . .JoeB


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              Glad you found your "friend", losing your knife can be awful frustrating as we depend on them for so many things, apart from carving.

              Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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                it would be worse for me if I lose a tool, mine are to big :-) they would not fit anywhere ?