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The grass is greening.

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  • The grass is greening.

    Spring storms are warming up. Looks like we will have a chance of rain ever few days for the next couple of weeks. The grass is greening up and growing. The lawnmower is cleaned, oiled and fueled.The problem is the operator is old, gray and tried of some 60 + years of doing lawns. However I may have found a suitable substitute operator. The Grandson is looking for a way to support his fishing habit. What kind of granddad would I be if I did not offer him this entrepreneurial opportunity? And I can take advantage of those many years of supervisory experience.
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    I read you, loud and clear. I can't walk well enough to cut the grass. We've got a Senior's Program here called "Better At Home."
    I got a yard guy that way, he does more than enough every time. As a matter of fact, the window washers will be here at 11AM.
    There's a sliding pay scale depending on income, for me, I "contribute" $15/hr. We have to supply all equipment.
    It's all good. I can afford it. Nevertheless, I am annoyed that I've had to admit that there's things I can't do any more at 70+

    Sounds almost like your deal. Take the kid on, tell him up front what you expect.
    Brian T