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  • Back to making things.

    Life, as it has a way of doing, has put a time out on my carving. I have not been in the shop for over a month, Other than to get something or put something away. Today I am going back to stick making!! I cannot wait to put a tool in my hand. I am not sure there is not anything that quiets my soul like carving and stick making. Fly fishing is a close second but old bones have really slowed that down. And with the world in a self destucted mode quieting the soul seems like the thing to do !!
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    Randy...good luck to you! Three things that that quiet my soul are fishing, fly tying and woodcarving. I am taking a class right now on fly fishing. The only thing more frustrating than trying to carve with a dull tool, is trying to keep your wrist locked when learning to cast a fly rod!!!!


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      It's good to see you back, Randy! In this day and age more than ever we all need something to quiet our souls and keep our sanity!

      My three passions were always fly tying, fly fishing and wood carving. I'm always at peace when involved with any one of them. Unfortunately, it's very difficult for me to tie flies anymore with my failing eyesight and busted up finger (those size 18 & 20 dry flies are always a challenge!); and at age 65 I'm not quite stable enough to wade rocky steams anymore. So my fly fishing is mostly limited to fishing from a boat for panfish and bass, although those opportunities are rather infrequent. So I focus on wood carving, which has always been a passion since my youth! So far it's kept me out of the bars!
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        I'll add baking to that list. Not just rainy days like today. Always my peace-maker after a hectic work-week on Fridays.
        Nothing too fancy, just regular bread with a little grain mix, sometimes maybe fougasse and maybe epi-style baguettes.
        There's a Zen thing that happens to my head when I'm kneading the dough. Very pleasant addiction.
        Brian T


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          Fly fishing is a good alternative to wood carving for some, such as me. I have enough flys tucked away to be able to fish for trout in fresh water for the next 50 years. Unfortunately, there are not any (real) trout in Louisiana. I am able to fish a bit with a fly rod from my boat on the rivers and bayous, but most of the time we end up using shrimp for bait on spinning gear.

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            Good to hear it Randy. We carvers are lucky that we can immerse ourselves in the process of carving wood as a respite from the craziness. Some folks go to Tibet to meditate. I go to my basement. LOL!


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              Carving, rearranging my small shop, always settles my mind of all of the world's problems, of which I can't change,'damit'!
              When I'm not carving or venturing into the woods, I enjoy, my evenings reading a book from my Tablet!


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                I know I'm an overly sentimental one but this thread is soooo heartwarming. It tugs at my heart strings big time.
                Thank you for posting this Randy. I seem to forget why I started carving in the first place and this thread brought it all back to me. Carving offers a peace and serenity like no other. There's nothing in this world that offers this type of feeling. Just the act of holding a piece of wood in one hand and slowly carving out pieces with the other seems to somehow connect us to our creator or that invisible flow of loving creative energy we all carry. Our own personal thoughts dictate which direction the knife goes and for those moments we can get lost in our own creativity. It's truly a Devine experience. It was most interesting that some of you mention fly fishing. This is going to be difficult to explain because I'm not a fisher person yet a have this primal fascination with fly fishing. There seems to be some type of meditative dance happening that's almost ritual in its nature. Only a certain type of person can fly fish and if I weren't so skirmish about taking hooks out of fish mouths, I know it would be a past time I'd rather enjoy.
                Im also completely mesmerized by the flies themselves. Some of those look gorgeous and it would be something I could really get into. I've always been very keen on all the different colourful insects we have and really enjoy working on little tedious things for some reason. It seems to calm my mind some. It takes the pressure off observing too many things and focuses ALL my attention on one thing only; just like carving.
                Its like a lightbulb moment for me. My brain NEEDS this type of rest and today I am getting out my chisels & knives.
                Thanks guys. I needed to read THIS thread this morning. The universe is so on purpose.