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  • "Road Trip"

    Hi Gang,
    I know Ron hasn't said anything yet but he is heading to West Virginia to see Gary (Ashbys} next week. He is flying into Baltimore and Garry is picking him up there. I am taking four days out of my busy schedule to drive down and meet with Ron at Garry's. I know I should be visiting with some of you along the way such as Coffeeman, Deborah Call and others but it is a long road trip in itself just to get there. I plan on being in WV by about 5 o'clock Friday night if everything goes ok. You never know with boarder crossings and me taking the wrong turn off or something but I am sure I will get there sooner or later. We plan on doing some carving and just kicking back and visiting should be a a great time. As we speak I am in the middle of a huge maple tree carving. Sorry I forgot to take my camera with me today but I promise I will take it tomorrow and get some pictures. Then I have two more commissions to finish up by next Friday not counting the maple tree so I guess I will be busy. I am really looking forward to meeting Ron we talk on the phone and email all the time. I have met with Garry and Goody before and we are hoping we can get Ron to see Goody as well. I have asked Garry how far away Susan Irish is I would love to meet with her as well. Just thought I would update you that this is going to happen.
    Jim - The Doing is as much fun as the Viewing!
    Jackson, MS

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    Re: "Road Trip"

    Sorry you won't be able to stop by Colin, but I do understand....if things change, give me a couple hours notice and I'll make you another pot roast.....less notice and Ben could grill up a couple steaks.....not that I'm trying to tempt you or anything!!

    Have a safe trip, say "Hi!" to everyone for me! Deborah


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      Re: &quot;Road Trip&quot;

      I am looking forward to this trip also. I have been planning on a way to meet Colin and Garry and I appreciate them taking time out of their busy schedules to get together with me. Garry and I talk on the phone almost weekly and email. I appreciate his invitation for the visit as many of you know Garry puts my patterns on my wood for me with his laser system. I will only be there for the weekend so it's kind of a short trip my schedule is also kind of busy. I hope to also meet Goody and I would really like to meet Susan Irish because she is where most of my patterns come from. Susan and I talk every once in awhile on the phone and she is a big influence on me. So Susan if you are lurking give me as call so we all can meet next weekend. See you next week Garry, Colin & Goody, Anna and maybe Susan.


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        Re: &quot;Road Trip&quot;

        Hey Guys ,
        Not ingoring anyone just hetic weeks the last couple . Getting things set up and trying to keep up.

        Guys can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this, For those interested in commming just let me know and I will set up a few more chairs .

        Be in touch


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          Re: &quot;Road Trip&quot;

          Moved some things around and it looks like we will be able to Make it on Saturday. One of our big shows for the year is on Sunday. We will pack for the show on Friday night and Saturday morning and try to be to Garys around noon.