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    A real Kentucky father and son team.---
    The father waits in the pickup truck while the son goes in to see if they have any 4 x 2s. The salesman says, "Oh you mean 2 x 4s." The son isn't so sure, so he goes back out and asks the father if 2 x 4s will be okay. "Whatever," says the dad.

    Next, the salesman asks, "How long do you want them?" Puzzled, the son goes back to the truck and again consults his father. The ol' man says, "Tell him we're building a house, so we'll need 'em for a long time." Only in Ky., or maybe not....

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      Good one Doug. The sad thing is, I know a father and son that could happen with.


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        Re: Today's chuckle

        This was a Yooper father-son carpenter crew.

        Jr. is working on putting siding up but he's throwing about every 4th nail on the ground. Pop comes along, and as he is the main contractor, is a bit concerned about the waste of the nails.

        He askes Jr. what the problem is, and Jr. replies "Da heads is on da wrong ends."

        Pop replies, "You stupids, dose are for da udder side a da house!"


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          Re: Today's chuckle

          A local man was poling up the bayou when Bordeaux sees him, Hey Robeaux where you headed,

          me i got some duck tape and im going to get some ducks,

          Bordeaux laughed and walked back to his cabin, well just about dark he looked down the bayoum and here come a preough, he went to the bayou edgs and shouted, you get some duck?

          from the preough came a voice, Yea man i guess so, as the perough got closer boudreaux could see from the oil lamp that the perough was just about to sink from the heavy load it was carrying most full of duck.... he said hows that duck tape work,

          tibedoex said hell you just spread it around on the bank sticky side up and throw out a couple hands full of cracked corn and come back later and them ducks is all wrapped up in the tape, so you throw Dem right in the perough,

          Bordeaux just shook his head and walked back to his cabin and watched the lamp disappear down up the bayou..

          next morning he was up at the crack of dawn,,
          looking up the bayou here come thibodeaux again.. Hey what you up to today.... thibodeaux hollered back im going for some of them Nutria rats over at the rice fields,
          Bordeaux ask how ya going to get um you ain't got no gun and you know them nutria just run and hide when you get close enough to club them..

          thibodeaux said naw Marie got some of dem little packs of Nutrasweet from the restaurant. i figure you sprinkle it around and then just knock em in the head n' put them in a sack...
          Bordeaux walked back to the cabin without saying another word....

          that evening Bordeaux seen the light a coming back up the bayou, when it got close he could see the peroe most about to sink from the heavy load it was hauling,
          he hollered, Man you don't say that worked, Yep said thibideaux and didn't miss a stroke while Bordeaux walked back to the cabin...

          next morning Bordeaux was again setting on the porch, drinking a shot of strong coffee..
          he looked up the bayou and here come thibodeaux with a load of sticks in the perough loaded down,
          Boudreaux hollered Hey man what you gonna do with a load of sticks,
          thibideaux hollered from the perough, man you dont know nothing, huh? Im headed for town, and this aint no sticks , its pussy willow,

          Bordeaux hollered HEY MAN WAIT A MINUET I'M A GETTI'N My HAT TO GO TOO!