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I live in a sauna.

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    Originally posted by lionslair View Post

    I'm sure glad Tex-Mex has really hit the north. In the 50's we used to go visit the families in Indiana, Wisconsin, and here and there. We always took Chilli power with us for our cooking. We put some into my Aunt's big pot of spaghetti and they loved it. So much so they kept writing for 'samples'. Mom ordered a box from our store and sent them a box. Once there, the local store got the vendor name and box and had plenty of people asking so he stocked it for the town. Yep - 95 and 78Rh down here in East Texas not far from sticky lakes. :-)
    I grew up in Indiana and had never even heard of a taco. Ate my first taco when I was in the Navy, just out of boot camp in San Diego. This was 1970 and it was a Jack in the Box. LOL! But there were a few tiny taco stands around the area and I got to taste the real thing while I was stationed there.


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      It has been a little warm here in Southern California by the Beach,
      65 & 70 degrees. However my old home in El Centro, CA, only
      17 miles South East from us, ( my old homestead.) 175 to 180
      degrees daily and some nights! I can't believe I lived there most
      of my life!


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        We have the cyclone choo choo train......all those white dots are cyclones in the pacific and this does not show the ones that are in process of development....we are also a no wind, hot and extreme humidity and off and on rain .....and it looks like it is going to continue. Doing the soggy doggy dance.
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