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  • trying to recover..

    ..from the worst year of my life. Bad winter. The weather was bad for everyone. Our house flooded. Then I lost my husband, the love of my life. I could probably write a book about just that, but others on here have already experienced all I could say. I have medical issues and can not live alone, so I moved my son over from the coast. He is an only child, it was hard on him losing his dad, we have been helping each other. The house was damaged by the winter weather and I am busy now trying to hire people to repair things. My driveway is scheduled to be taken out and replaced tuesday, they will also repair the wash out under the back of the house. I haven't found anyone interested (I guess) in repairing the metal roof. They come and look and I never hear from them again. On a brighter note, I was able to attend my mothers 90 birthday in another state and get together with all my family, that hasn't happened in ten years. My mother is in an assisted living center, and down the hall from her is a fellow carver. Note to self: take carving tools when you travel, you never know who you will meet! It was really when I was visiting with this gentleman that I started thinking about all the carving projects I have started. I had stowed all that away due to lack of interest. My son and I took a hot air balloon ride to scatter ashes. I had never taken a balloon ride before, but my husband and I always talked about it. I sold a bunch of rock equipment and moved my wood into that room, so maybe there is hope for me yet.

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    With your positive attitude things are bound to turn around. It is crazy sometimes how quickly our lives change. Wishing you good fortune and happiness today and everyday.


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      I'm sure there's hope sappy, welcome home. New stuff never gets done as fast as it did in the old days.
      It always was and always will be like shaking hands with an octopus: one thing at a time.

      Good to read that you might just have a few carving sparks left. Go poke at a stick and make some shavings.
      Brian T


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        Just that you are telling us about it, is a first step in the right direction. A positive attitude is important and I believe you have that
        . . .JoeB


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          Sappy, I'm very sorry to hear of your loss and all your troubles. It's good to know, though, that your son will be helping out. I'm sure that is a great comfort.


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            Sappy.... As they used to say on Hee Haw, "If you didn't have no hard luck, you'd have no luck at all!" But fear not, time is a healing thing and things is bound to get better. As a funny looking guy in a dirty robe sitting under a tree is supposed to have once said, although he's often misquoted, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” So the best thing to do is take a deep breath, put a smile on your face, think happy thoughts, and forage ahead the best you can. Everything works out the way it's supposed to. God's Speed!


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              Thank you all for thinking I have a positive attitude. Some days I wonder about that, I'm positively sure everything is going down the drain. But those days are bound to happen, I have given myself no time frame. I like RV's "shaking hands with an octopus" analogy. Trying to remember everything needing done is very much like that. Yes, I am glad my son is living with me too. Not too many young men would do that for their moms, and I appreciate it very much. And Eddy, a day at a time is my mantra. I started thinking I was suppose to be doing something about something, because people where telling me to, then I decided I can't do anything until I am ready. Right now, I am just letting life carry me along and I will see where I am in a year or two and then decide what I might want to change. Thank you all for your encouragement, I appreciate it and value it very much.


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                Sappy...I lost my father at 15 years old, and knew what my mom went through. That was 40 years ago in June, and the relationship I have with her today is very close and a direct result of her and I having to work together on the farm after dad passed. I have 2 older sisters, but was the only one at home when dad died. I am the only one that understood how hard it was on my mom. Sounds goofy, but I put my own feelings aside to make sure my mom was OK. Didn't really grieve myself until years later, but that is a whole 'nother story!

                I have learned that things are never so bad that they can't get just a bit better. Mom will celebrate her 94th birthday tomorrow, and she and I discussed what we went through 40 years ago, just this past weekend.

                Hang in there! Your son sounds like a great guy and I am sure between the two of you, you can piece things back together. Speaking from experience, a person needs something to retreat to when times get bad. 40 years ago, for me, it was reading and listening to music. I wish I would have known how to carve back then, as I am sure I would have carved up a storm!

                Take time for yourself, and things will get better!

                God Bless and the best of luck to you!
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                  Sappy, so sorry to hear of your loss, please keep the positive attitude.
                  Mark N. Akers
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                    Tbox61, thank you for your post, it really warms my heart. You too, sir are a great son, your mother is very fortunate. And I am fortunate too, for NOT having a farm to maintain.
                    Mark, thank you!