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    This is a post from my Facebook page.

    Christmas season started just before Thanksgiving ~ for me. I was entering the Adult Beverages store to purchase the major ingredient for my fruitcake. Another customer, looked up and greeted me, "Did you get my list?" I did not recognize him ~ so was desperately trying to put a name to this face. He laughed and said, "I just sent it and was wondering if you had gotten what I want for Christmas."

    My response started the whole store laughing, "Uhhhh, the reason I hesitated is that I have to check both lists. Unfortunately, I have to inform you that you are on the Naughty List!"

    He left saying, "I guess there is too little time before Christmas to get on the other list!"

    The clerk was bagging my purchases when another employee walked up and greeted me, "Hi Santa." He got a quick response ~ but from the clerk, "Don't ask him which list you are on!"

    Apparently, many years ago, when my beard turned gray, I got "the look". A couple of years ago, I gave in and decided to go with the flow. I purchased a Voyageurs stocking cap to wear at Christmas. I start wearing it a week so before Christmas. It amazes me the number of smiles I get from adults and the number of greetings of, "Hi Santa!". But, I really enjoy the look on children's faces when I greet them with, "Merry Christmas! What's your name?" and I pause before saying, "Oh good, you are on the Nice List!" before handing them a candy cane.

    Merry Christmas, my Frien's

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    Merry Christmas to you and your family Paul
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    If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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      Good show, Paul!


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        Dear Santa,

        I have been a good boy this year.

        Don't believe what anyone else says.

        Merry Christmas!

        Bob L


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          No one could ever tell the difference Paul. I've been trying to be good Santa but my wife tells me I've been 'very trying'.
          Merry Christmas to you and your family Paul. (By the way, I think the elf is correct. No way Soggy could have ever gotten on the nice list. Too much temptation in the Maritimes. Schooner beer, Screetch, all that kind of stuff.)



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            Between you and two make the best Santas.....tons better looking then the ones in the movies. What a joy to see you dressed up.....have a beautiful Christmas. I am sure you bring tons of magic and laughter to people to see you dressed up. What a joy.

            To all the new people this is Goody ....he used to major post here, but health issues have him busy....I believe he also is still making santas?
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              Merry Christmas Paul to you and your wife. Very nice carvings.


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                You definitely have a doppelganger in Santa, I am trying to get on the nice list


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                  Merry Christmas to you also Paul and to all our member,∙∙∙are you sure you're not living further north than what you tell us
                  . . .JoeB


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                    I like all three Santa's myself. Dad had a white beard past his belt. He was 91 and was taking foreign language school classes. The small children that were there (private) were in dual language type of program. After a couple of weeks, Dad became a grand Dad to all of the kids. They were going to him and the teacher for help. The teacher loved the program and Dad as well. He is now gone but he memories of him and his rich life live on.