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US bad weather spring time

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  • US bad weather spring time

    5F.jpg From California to the east coast.....floods, rain, and supercell tornados are coming. Everyone be safe! A channel of rich moisture surging from the tropical Pacific in “Pineapple Express” fashion will be aimed squarely at the coastal terrain of Southern California from late Tuesday through Thursday, setting the stage for a prolonged and intense rain event. Here in the pineapple state.....we have been sitting in the nonstop rain, but not flooding yet. Midwest is ripe for the top of the line tornados. Got a new book about tornados ....first one that really tells the I live with them for the first part of my life. I never knew how dangerous they were. Was sitting in a ditch during my senior year of high school when a F5 passed over, walking to school through the farmland with nowhere to go but in the ditch with that umbrella. Someone in a truck got me before the hail....but it killed a lot of people in that town, look like a vacuum cleaner went through the town. Then there was zero information, much of it was a myth....on how to survive these things.....but there is awesome information on what to do during each disaster. Hope you have plans for each one that may come to you.
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    We'd sure take some of Hawaii's rain off your hands! it was 60 degrees and beautiful here in central Kansas Saturday, and snowing this morning. We got 1.75" of rain here, and that is the first moisture we have had since October. The winter wheat crop was in peril, but this rain may have saved worrying about whether there will be enough pasture grass to sustain their cow herds over the summer.

    We usually get around 20" of rain here, and we can get by on that, but it needs to come at the right time.

    Also, we ARE coming into that time of year known as tornado season...


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      That “Pineapple Express” is what saves our old fannies here in NV. We're still running behind normal but catching up
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        We get a bit of all here in Mobile. We had 84 inches of rain in 17. We have hail, Tornados, hurricanes and we are hot and very humid much of the year But we can drop into the low teens in the winter also and on occasion we well get a ice storm and or inch or two of snow
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          I hear you 'sister' ! A nasty F5 went through and across I-35 a few years ago. It went over a little town and sucked the concrete slabs off the ground and erased the entire town. The local farmers and ranchers vowed to stay and rebuilt what they could. After all, the food place, dinner, gas and small branch bank was life to them as well. They are something running through a planted tree farm as it throws telephone pole sized trees like they were corn stalks. Get dirt into them and they are powerful. More mass to slam into something. Martin living in East not Central Texas.


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            Happy Equinox (for today?) everybody. We're into a long run of +5C/40F or better dry days with little wind.
            The 6' and 10' snow piles are slumping fast but no concerns for flooding ( this is a flat plain river bottom land.)
            Wish I could share these things.

            Still snowing hard up top. That big melt won't get going until June. Tree wells (tree holes) have been the killer
            this winter, very few avalanche troubles so far.
            Brian T