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    Originally posted by joepaulbutler View Post
    How close is the eruption?
    About 189 miles. You know the first time I step on the Big Island the hairs on my neck and arms raised. There was always this uneasy feeling when I went there.....for me it would be the last place on the earth that I would live on a live volcano. The last week they have been getting tons of earthquakes and aftershocks....that is a warning that new holes of lava can come up. Lava here does not come from the top of mountains, it will open a vent in your field, your house, or the middle of the street. She had a scale 5 earthquake last night and then open another vent. Good thing did not feel it here....last time it shut off our electric and they could not get it going for two weeks. Over 70 earthquakes in the few days.

    Just hours after residents in Puna's Leilani Estates subdivision fled with the clothes on their back. Thursday night after an eruption in Kilauea's east rift zone, yet another eruption sent lava soaring more than 100 feet into the air early Friday. The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory confirmed that active volcanic vents are erupting on Makamae and Mohala streets. The Hawaii County Civil Defense said all Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens subdivision residents are required to evacuate immediately.
    Hawaii County fire officials are also warning of extremely high levels of dangerous sulfur dioxide gas in the evacuation areas. Those with respiratory issues should leave the area immediately, they say. They say about 1,700 evacuations although this source is not known and get all kinds of numbers on this.

    So we are on alert .... earthquakes from volcanos can cause the ash and other issues. Plus we never know....what the volcano is going to do. 180504034247-bt106-hawaii-volcano-05042018-exlarge-169.jpg Big Island is on major alert...and the lava is moving. We here on the islands get tons of news about the volcano activities and so it is normal everyday living. Here is a picture of new lava ....that black and red areas and yellow areas are lava that is moving through the trees. So is life sitting on top active and live volcanos, now we will have some dummies go out to look and get burned or killed?

    There is news just coming in...... new cracks continue to open up..... and it is getting nasty over there....they say the sulfur is bad. There are great videos out there about the volcano if your interest. Right now trying to find friends in the area.
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      The latest go at it was from the gulf and it missed us some how. Then a TS in the gulf of calif and across Mexico came rain pouring in and we got less than an inch - those 10 miles north got inch and a half. Looking at the weather maps - I use several companies - a TS is coming into the Gulf of Mexico and might turn into something other than rain. At least my cement is drier now, but the raw dirt into the shop and observatory is mud. So I work on other stuff. Hope I can get to carving again - been on the back burner. Most of my summer design is completed.