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  • Political topics?

    Hello friends,

    yesterday I had opened a political topic off topic. It was deleted. Is it forbidden in the forum to open such a topic? I have no reason to be notified for the deletion. Can someone tell me if my guess is right?

    Many Thanks

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    Political topics are off limits according to the forum's Bill of Rights:

    Best Regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor, Woodworking/DIY


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      There are wars on the forum and they have gotten nasty in the past...... Today we do not talk about things that will start them.... here in the US political issues are a great way to destroy Facebook is going through right now. We do not talk about a matter that will cause extreme fights....anything political is a fire starter right now. The last few years I know of tons of families that are at war and hate each other because of political opinions.....yes,... it is that bad. I have the opinion that here in the US if the political hate does not stop ...we could be looking at civil war because we are so divided. And that is the last thing we need on this site. It has gotten so bad in this country, and I got so sick of anything political. I will not listen to anything at all,... because it got evil and hateful .....if you say anything political ......Di will start ranting and raving about her own beliefs and believe me, you do not want to hear it. So in order to keep this site running, it is best not to go to a place where bombs lay. It is not about you, it is about what is going on here in the good old USA. There are topics that can destroy good forums, I have seen it happen to many. This is the only forum where I can go and I do not have to listen to it....religious beliefs, political insanity, sex issues, and other fire topics. Honestly, it is good for all of us. PS in the past I have gotten whole threads do not take it personally. You just learn like I did, what is ok and what is not.
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        Ok, then I apologize! I did not know it was forbidden. In my German forum it is allowed, as long as no one is insulted, or someone is discriminated against because of his political opinion. I just wanted to know if it's true what we're spreading in the German media about Mr Donald Trump.

        Excuse me, please.


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          Again your subject matter is a great way to start a war on this forum. In order not to cause a fight on is not allowed. The truth is an unknown which causes all wars ....because we force our beliefs on each other. Do not tread in unsafe
          . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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            OK, I'm silent now like a grave!