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A remote-controlled goose.

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  • A remote-controlled goose.

    Hello Community,

    an acquaintance of mine, builds remote-controlled bird models. The parts he needs for it, he makes "all" itself. I have carved the goose head with neck for this bird. He made a cast of light plastic from it. See just how fantastic the model flies.

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    Now that's a Neat Hobby and Great Accomplishment , reminds me of my RC Helicopter days. Thanks for showing. Merle


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      Very interesting video. If the model were carved to resemble a hawk, it could be used to scare off other birds in the vicinity of airports to prevent damage to airplanes.
      If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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        That's really unique. It's neat that the parts are not just the Made in China variety.



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          Science fiction has become fact. Beautiful to watch.
          I'm glad there are many people building flying model birds.

          You did a very good job to carve the head and neck of the goose for this project.
          Brian T


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            WOW, what a project, well done, be sure not to fly during the hunting season
            . . .JoeB


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              Nah. Launch that beast to join a big Vee of Canada geese.
              Try to get some geese to peel off with the robot and fly right into my decoy set.

              What I see in Tasman's carving for the model is a very well done left/right symmetry.
              Brian T


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                Excellent! Thanks for posting this - the videos were amazing.

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                  My education as to what is possible just keeps on continuing. What a clever piece of machinery (with a very nice head).


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                    That is Awesome Tasmandevil! I had no idea such a thing existed. How cool to be a part of making that by carving the head and neck to be cast, well done! I loved the little face plant of the goose when he landed! Thanks for sharing that.


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                      That looks like a lot of fun. Amazing watching the wings work like a real bird, that took some practice! The head really adds to the overall shape in flight.