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  • Sculpture

    Sculpture is a three-dimensional work of art created by shaping or combining materials such as metal, stone, glass, or wood. Materials can also be used as clay, textiles, plastics, polymers, and light metals. This term has been extended to include sculpture of space, sound, light, imaginary space and spiritual space.

    Sculptors work by removing as engraving, or they can be assembled as solders, hardened as foundry. Surface coating can be applied. Sculpture has been described as industrial imaging art as it involves the use of materials that can be molded or prepared. The product obtained is the sculpture.

    Sculpture is an important form of public art. A collection of sculpture art in a garden can be called a sculpture garden

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    An interesting post. I'm sure that there are several members who would agree. But I'm missing the point of the post, please address your intent
    . . .JoeB


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      I agree with you Joe , sounds kind of irrelevant to this forum. Probably trying to establish membership then will be wanting us to all buy the newest and best coal chisels on the market.....
      If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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        Every day should be unwrapped like a precious gift.


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          And there are many fine sculptures on the WCI!
          We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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            What's your point?
            Keep On Carvin'
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              As there are sculpture forums for sculptors. Interesting schism between wood and everything else that I can't support.
              Brian T


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                “Meaning” and sculpture, abstract or figurative, is very much dependent upon the unnameable revelatory effects of visual form and their independence from literal (or literary) interpretation. Art is art. Sculpture does not always uphold any matter, nor textbook explanation. With that being said....This forum is about how to carve is about crafts, about hobbies, about making a visual piece that has zero to do with freshman art school point of view of what is sculpture and what it is not. Words never speak for an art form anyway. I think you are in the wrong place,
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                  Sculpture is one of the all inclusive words that can be applied to a variety of "things". Interchangeable with Carving, Model, Statue, Molding. The "sculpture" may be formed by adding, subtracting, or even bending. Defining "something" as a sculpture seems to be in the eye of the individual. A "sculpture" may even be formed by nature. I have heard the "Hoo Doos" (rock formations formed by wind, water, freezing, thawing) found in the Southwest as sculptures. A lot more information is required for this post to have meaning.
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