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4th of July

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  • 4th of July

    What are you doing? Anything special, any awesome favorite foods? Have a great one!!!!
    . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di

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    Family arriving tonight for a visit! Just finished a Yam salad, cous-cous salad is next.
    BBQ chickens & ribs with apple wood smoke.
    Need a second truck load of groceries today and we might make it for 48 hours!
    Brian T


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      Ah - Addison made the list. Interesting thing about Addision, TX - mostly Addison Airport. Small light planes. North Dallas area just west of the loop or thereabouts. The town is just larger than Addision air - and consists of Liquor stores (Dallas was or still is dry) that brings in tons of cash. And a few or more families. Have to have a towns worth of officers... And voting rights to keep in business. I knew them in the late 70's When pinning between a computer company in North Dallas and the College where I taught Electronics. Hope all will have a safe and Glorious 4th.


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        I'll be packing up to move to a new townhouse on the 16th.
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          I love patriotic fireworks! With that said, however, our neighborhood goes waaay overboard. It starts at 7 am, and goes until after midnight. In year's past, we have left town for the day and came back either the next day if we didn't have to work, or later in the evening.

          With my back surgery this year, travel is out of the question, so I guess I will be relegated to sitting on the back patio and painting my carvings!