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Beauty of Mornin' Carving

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  • Beauty of Mornin' Carving

    As a historian I am a believer in the cyclic nature of history. Usually this becomes evident in a bad way ~ sometimes in very good ways.

    Ten years or so ago I took a picture of a group of bucks in the field below the house. 1 Buck Herd .jpg

    edited.jpg I thought it a "one-off" and I would not see anything like this again. Then a few years later, I took another "group photo" this time ~ elk.

    Deer are the most common mammal here in Hoopin Holler and again showed up to prove it. Spring deer2.jpg

    2007 fall turkeys 3.jpg A few years later a flock of wild turkey were not to be outdone and appeared in Autumn.

    Yesterday morning, I looked up from my morning carving and was watching the incoming hummingbirds at the feeders. Then I saw a doe in the field below the driveway. I watched for a while before "she" moved toward the house. Two bucks followed and I thought ~ you guys are rushing things, it's way too early for the rut. Then I realized "she" was a "he" with two small points. He continued toward the house and another buck with many more points stepped into the field. Five more followed all were showing 6+ points. I ran for my camera but was too late as they came by the house I managed to get a single photo. July 2018.JPG

    Still my Frien's, Life is good in Hoopin Holler.

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    . Hoopin Holler looks like beautiful Place why would they leave? There is comfort in seeing nature renewing itself despite the efforts of man.
    We live in the land of the free because of the brave!


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      Ah, I bet your just messin' with us and you carved those and stuck them out there.



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        Beautiful, Paul, and I don't mean just the pics, but the comfort and pleasure of nature and the richness it lends to our lives. What a marvelous Creator to bless us with the bounty of this earth!


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          Tom, I wish!


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            Thank you for posting Paul. For some of us, this is the closest we get to see what you see often.



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              A Most Excellent place to live...


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                You ain't got anything on me, Paul. I was putting the trash container out by the curb last night, and almost got ran over by a squirrel. The neighbors have got to feeding the birds on their deck, I mean right on the deck. I'll bet the fellow has found the smorgasbord. I don't know who was more surprised it or me.
                NOthing like your critters and you would think to live on the river we would see more squirrels. Thanks for your post
                . . .JoeB