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Horrible Forest Fires

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  • Horrible Forest Fires

    Right now we in California are suffering from the horrible Forest Fires that have been burning
    all week from Northern California to Southern California. Smoke has prevailed all the way down to
    where I live in San Diego County. There is no doubt in my mind, the Fire Fighters that have been fighting
    the flames, days and nights that have destroyed Forests, property, homes, and lives, are some of the most courage's
    folks around, in spite of losses of their own homes!

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    Most of the western part of entire North America is on fire.
    I read that your CA fire is the biggest in State history. Sorry to read that.

    Somebody said that British Columbia, from the Space Station, looks like an ash tray.
    We have only 450 - 500 wild fires today.

    I can't see even half way across the valley ( a mile?)
    Brian T


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      Working hard is one thing, but to be in the danger that the firefighter has to face on top of the hard work∙∙∙∙They are a special bred
      . . .JoeB


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        This has been going on for some time. My home near Lake Isabella survived a massive fire two years ago. I made my home available to an elderly couple who lost their home. Last year's Thomas fire, here in Ventura County burned within a mile of our present home, and held the record for the largest fire in Calif. history until last week. Several close friends lost their homes - burned to the ground! In at least one instance firefighters stood idle at the base of a mountain while homes burned. Sometimes self survival has to take precedence.


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          The wild fires in steep terrain are all that much harder to control. Here, if there's no risk to people, the fire just runs.
          Very few people live above the valley floor.
          Helicopter buckets and fixed-wing water bombers (that must have a lake for pick-up) are about all that can be done.
          Can't go anywhere today without a preliminary swish with the windshield wipers to clear the ash fall.
          Brian T


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            And these massive fires aren't limited to North America, Portugal and Spain have also had horrific wildfires, brought about by drought and 113F temperatures. Terrible, and global warming will create conditions to exacerbate the situation.


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              Nice to see. 105 Fire Fighters just arrived in the city of Prince George from Mexico.
              The central interior of British Columbia is this summer's big burn.
              Brian T