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Hurricane Florence

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  • Hurricane Florence

    Living in Columbia SC. I have moved my shop in the kitchen to ride out Hurricane Florence.Be safe everyone on the coast.

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    Stay safe Mark,... tie everything down and don't take any unnecessary chances..
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    If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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      Take care, Mark! And please, when you get your power back (grin) let's us know how you rode out the storm.


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        Please stay safe and maybe invest is a pair of swimmies in case the water starts to rise. (Hopefully not.) Like your tool tote, I just made one almost exact same. Love it.



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          Stay safe, Mark. I'll be praying for you. Nice shop, by the way!
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            Glad to hear it has been downgraded, but still a bad storm, be safe, if possible
            . . .JoeB


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              Keep your head above water---and you knives


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                I've always wanted to ride out a hurricane. But I guess in this instance, it's been downgraded to a storm.

                Nevertheless these things are unpredictable (so I'm told), so all the best. Like Irish, I'd like to hear more about the storm and the aftermath. Send us a note. Isn't there a classic carving of a Mark Akers, holding on to a mast in his sou'wester, while the wind and rain try to blow him overboard?


                WELL, THERE SHOULD BE!


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                  Good luck, Mark! I haven't been in Columbia since Basic Training at Fort Jackson in 1960...I'm sure you enjoy it there more than I did! LOL!

                  Rodster, as the veteran of riding out a number of hurricanes, believe me, that's an experience you can live without! Surviving the storm is only phase one; phase 2 is trying to live (and sleep!) in the hottest, most humid part of the year without air conditioning, drinking bottled water, trying to run a generator to keep the freezer and fridge going when gasoline is near impossible to get, not to mention cleanup, roof repairs, etc. Not recommended for your bucket list!


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                    Just went through number four hurricane preparedness this year....the worst part is the sitting and waiting. I am in Hawaii,hurricane Olivia passed without to much issues but the hurricane rains are here..... we are flooding right now....and they are pumping out one of the dams which is filling faster then the pumping ...that will dump the dam right into the city if she goes. It is noted to have lots of drinks and comfort food and a few good movies to watch. Take care, I know these things can make your hair fall out.


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                      Best of luck Mark!


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                        Good luck, Mark!

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                          Stay safe safe Sir , take care


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                            We have been so lucky here, has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, just a good amount of wind and rain, nothing compared to what NC has endured, our hearts go out to the folks on the NC Coast, they have been getting pounded for 24 hours and its still not over, now the flooding starts.


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                              Take good care of yourself, here in California the closes we come to a storm like Florence
                              is the TV set. However this year it has been the year of Forest Fire!
                              Stay Safe,