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    We experienced our first snow fall of the year yesterday and through the night, but it didn't amount to too much and was entirely gone by 8 am this morning. Very strong winds ( 50 - 60 mph) and cold -8c last night, so I guess she's coming weather we like it or not. Ive got over 4 cord of seasoned hardwood and a good wood stove in the basement right next to my carving room,..... cut out 60 corner blanks for Santa ornaments on monday, so i think I'm good 'till spring...
    If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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      Great Soggy, I will keep an eye out for you when you come out of hybernation.
      If I took the time to fix all my mistakes, I wouldn,t have time to make new ones.


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        Originally posted by Robson Valley View Post
        My mental gearshift is finally in neutral today. I will marinate in coffee and carve something.

        Yesterday was a toss-up:

        >$2,000 for a new furnace oil tank ( and maybe $1,200.00 to fill it)
        >More than $8,000 for an electric furnace +, more hole$$$ in my house , bigger electrical $$$ervice,
        line upgrade and the logging of one of my 50' x 16" $$$pruce trees in front of my house.

        My bank account said "go for the new tank." It will out live me.

        The pharmacy upscrewed all of my prescriptions so sat and waited for that to get fixed.
        But the wood stove pellets came and that ( 50 x 40lb bags) got humped into the house.

        I'm warm and all the food is good.
        I hear you for certain. On the pellet stove - it has a small motor to kick another onto the fire... Honestly look into a UPS that will keep that up while the power is off. I knew friends that bought one in the lake Tahoe area - cool idea - scrap to heat. Lost power in major snow job and the generator had a little gas. Car was you guessed it green handle on the pump. A neighbor bailed them out after he shoved the area in front of the work shop to get the snow blower - It had gas in it and got to a neighbor. Neighbor had old fashioned slave machine - feed me, feed me - and they thought for several months on UPS or storing gas. Glad you had a Spruce to feed the money tree. Martin


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          I run off the grid when I need to (once a week.) I have a solar power system at the flick of a single switch.
          That does drive the pellet stove when needed. It drives the coffee pot and some LED lights, too!

          I run a big Harman pellet stove. Three motors (auger feed, heat exchange blower and the exhaust pumper.)
          10(?) years now, it is a dream of a heat source. I burn about 5 tons/10,000 lbs per winter, for each of the past 10 winters.
          Fuel cost savings to heat the house? Maybe $25,000.00 over those 10 winters for 100,000 lbs pellets.

          The key feature? Away at the far end of the upper floor of my house is a spare bedroom with a 6" hole in the floor.
          A stupid little 4" computer fan sits in that hole and runs 24/7 to pump cold floor air into my work shop downstairs.
          This relieves the back pressure so the hot air from the pellet stove flows up the front stairwell.
          Brian T


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            That's what rainy days are for, enjoy the down time.
            Mark N. Akers
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              Originally posted by Mark N. Akers View Post
              That's what rainy days are for, enjoy the down time.
              How about this?.... This is what we woke up to this morning, not rain, but still a Great day to carve down in the basement.....

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              If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...