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  • Is it true? CA Fires.

    Thursday Night California Fire Update

    The death toll from the Campfire in Northern California rose to 63 Thursday, while the number of people reported missing jumped dramatically to 631, according to authorities today. This is a loose number, and likely will be dropped a bit, but the reality is setting in that the number of deceased is on course to rise dramatically.

    The fire has now burned 141,000 acres and destroyed 11,862 structures. The fire is now 40% contained.

    For the Woolsey Fire in Southern California, fire officials were hoping that improved weather might help them against the devastating Woolsey fire. The fire has burned 98,362 acres and claimed three lives. More than 500 structures have been destroyed.

    Firefighters stopped the fire’s expansion and increased containment to 62% by Thursday evening. The gains came as winds finally subsided, a relief for everyone.

    Got this report from a major reliable source that reports what is really going on, ....631 one people are missing??, people are saying they have list with that many people missing. I am in shock, is it true? Experience with the volcano I know the fact they major under report disaster reports....for example. They said final destroyed 700 , today the real count over 2,000. I see this kind of count with almost all major disaster, it is not until six months later you can get the real deal of what happened and why it happened. This outrageous....yet could very much be true for a fire that was travel 60 to 80 miles an hour. If it is true that many are missing why lie about it.....extreme public outrage? When you listen to stupid junk of nothingness from the media.....

    OK did a major search...this is being reported all over the US so it must be real..... so much needs to be done in preparation of natural disasters so things like this do not happen again...... 63 dead, and 55 unknowns people waiting to be reported....and 631 missing. Unbelievable....
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    I can believe those numbers. Just got a run-down of much the same thing from my D1 who does medical research at Stanford U. in Palo Alto.
    Smoke worse than New Delhi/India. Stanford classes cancelled.
    I thought we had it bad, the past 2 summers in BC, but nothing at all like the dead & missing in CA.

    Firestorms make their own winds. 60-80 mph is not unusual. Happens in "bush-fires" in Australia.
    The koala get cooked in the trees, even the kangaroos can't out-pace the flames.
    Brian T


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      Red warning I am going to get graphic. Do not read if things like that bother you. They got 10,000 firefighters on the ground now. I have heard over and over again, that a lot these people did not get their alarms to leave via smartphone or other. Which is super understandable watching our volcano blow....the most help they got was often just locals helping locals and reporting. Watching ones that did escape the fire on youtube they were super lucky...they all reported that they did not know which direction to go, or if they were driving into the fire or away from it. I just saw a few residents say tons of elderly live in these areas, did not have the resources to leave or the high tech needed to know what was going on. This area had a major fire plan from a past fire, ...something went badly wrong. But a resident remarked it is going to be in the thousands dead and not the six hundred. The responders are reporting that they are getting a body count, but not the massive cremation of people and the question is how do you id that? According to the resources right now, the number will go up not down. This is one horror that no one has had dealings with. Most of these people were trapped trying to get they finding equal number inside the house, in cars on the road, and outside running. I can not help think there must be a way to get everyone on board and prevent this kind of thing and how to do it. Such a horror, like someone, remarked it is like a nuke hit the area.
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        If you go on twitter, there are all these burnt but alive dogs....and wonder what does a dog or animal do to stay alive that human does not? Also what about the people who got burnt but are still alive...why aren't why talking about them? Meanwhile cannot talk there is the disaster prepareness that I need to beef up for just in case things like this. I do not know but this kind of thing really hit you square in the face with shock, Meanwhile considering ....about what am doing or avoid doing against such things. We will not get a fire, but we have tsunamis, hurricanes, volcano, earthquakes, tropical storms and floods....
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          My introduction to the Australian summer was a report of a grassland fire storm which crossed the major highway
          from Melbourne west to Geelong before the police could close the road.
          Probably was a dozen(?) people roasted in vehicles.
          I wondered what kind of Hell I had landed myself into (Grad student at LaTrobe University.)
          Brian T


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            It is in our news nightly here in Reno, NV. There has been an enormous amount of giving from the people of the area to aid the poor soles in CA
            . . .JoeB


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              Originally posted by joepaulbutler View Post
              It is in our news nightly here in Reno, NV. There has been an enormous amount of giving from the people of the area to aid the poor soles in CA
              This is a story I just received....about this kind of kindness.
              The Paradise girls volley ball team had a championship game set for Saturday, the 10th, but had lost all of their uniforms and equipment in the fire. The girls said they still wanted to attend the game up in Auburn, CA regardless of not having the proper equipment.

              Upon arrival the opposing Auburn team had made each of the girls Uniforms, purchased them new shoes and pads! Not only that, they made them a meal after the game, provided each girl with a $300 gift card, gave each girl a large bag of supplies and clothing. Then, they presented the team with $16,000 they had raised for them!!!

              Just another story about how our local community is coming together and serving one another. This love and kindness is beautiful to see. The world is still a place filled with love and support. I am so proud to be a part of this community and watch these stories of blessings unfold.

              I had to share this story, to remind all during these hard times, beautiful acts of kindness are taking place all around us!
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                I lived out there for many years. We lost a house in the Belair fire of 1961 were over 480 homes were lost. As long as they let developers build in the areas in areas that are fire prone without using adequate fire resistant materials and cut back brush and under growth it will not change. You can never stop it all. It is like the hurricanes or the earthquakes it is a risk we take when you chose to live there.
                We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                  In terms of people impact, the British Columbia fires of 2017 were worse than just recently in 2018.
                  Even here in McBride, we saw some serious generosity. Food and fuel and care for livestock of all sizes and shapes,
                  even a Pot-bellied pet pig.
                  We had no official status of financial assistance to help. Everything we offered was donated.
                  But, we were on the only open highway of escape.

                  My D1 has signed on to volunteer north of Palo Alto some place.
                  Brian T


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                    My career was as a National Park Ranger ~ fortunately during the "good years". We started seeing worrisome climate changes back in the 1970's.

                    In the mid-1980's duties required that I travel through the Uinta Mountains (Utah) several times a year. I was told then, "Enjoy these beautiful pine covered forests now. The beetles are here (range expanded as summer's warmed) and in a few years the trees will be gone. There will be a mass die off. Then fires. It will take 200 years for the climax forest to return." We did not understand that the real threat ~ was changing seasons (climate) ~ that the climax forest will never return.

                    Drought started in the western U.S. in the 1980's and changed the "Fire Season". It started being extended ~ major fires in May and in September. An interagency fire season was established in Boise, ID to coordinate firefighting efforts including training. All federal fire fighters must be trained and receive a "red card" qualifying them.

                    Yellowstone burned in 1988. There were not enough "red cards" and the military stepped up to assist. It was a good and well needed effort. The downside was that they had to be trained in fire fighting and the personal emergency equipment (fire shirts, gloves, emergency shelter, etc.) had to be found and issued. Chain of command had to be established. Military officers are not qualified as fire bosses and had to relinquish command to civilians ~ who knew what was needed on the fire line.

                    I became aware of "spin off" problems when major fires occurred. I was Superintendent of Arches National Park ~ which was also in a drought. I had to close off a large portion of the park ~ which was grassland. A large number of my staff, including the Chief Ranger, were red cards and were in Wyoming. If a fire started there was no one who could fight it.

                    I read a scary report a few weeks ago. Firefighters had arrived from Australia and were assisting, in California. Australia is entering its fire season. Reports are that they are in a similar situation with drought. I hope our fire season will be over and we can reciprocate.

                    The North American fire season now extends from early spring, through summer, through autumn ~ until winter. The Interagency Fire Center ran out of funds in early summer. The financial loss will be in the billions. The social disruption will last for years. The natural environment is changed forever. Mudslides are expected as rain falls on barren hillsides.

                    Why the climate is changing has given way to the necessity of attempts to ameliorate the negative impacts. This, my Frien's, is the future.


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                      Been reading major on the ecosystem.....when you chop down trees, and brush you change the weather,...when you plow the soil you have destroying effect and then come to the dust bowls, when you poison the rivers you get rid of the animals, which support the soil, the landscape does die and become a dessert, America landscape major has changed, because of that we now....have major storms, and effects from it all. I really believe we have not seen anything yet......the major effects of balance of nature.

                      We live in a world right now that screams on my goodness a leaf fell in my yard and I need to clean it up! No one looks at the negative effects of the natural results of the soil getting destroyed from the lack of natural food for them such as diseased trees. Fires have been here since the beginning of time, yet everyone acts like they are something new. I am not sure how many millions of people will die from all this.....before there is change. I am sure it will not be in my lifetime or the next......we have been screaming about taking care of the earth for the last 50 years, although there has been a little change....clearly it is not good enough. I do not call this climate change, I call it the continuous destruction of the planet earth.

                      I know of lately two people know that have serious mercury poisoning enough to die....why because of the ocean fish pollution, we have massive poisoning of our foods which scientist are screaming to the people about yet it falls on deaf ears....... What is sad, the lack of reporting the real deal enough to scare the **** of everyone until changes are made.... the real question is how do you do that? The only comfort I have honestly .....hopefully I will be dead before the worst of it hits the fan.

                      The old Hawaiians had a balance of nature which they lived by, and the American Indians.....they knew to destroy the land, destroy your life....and somehow living the good life and big money all is forgotten. As year by year, we see what happens when you build on land that gets destroyed from fire, hurricane, tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods....wind, water, fire, and ice. There are people in the world in the deserts of Africa of starving people....showing them how to plant trees, how to feed the earth naturally, how animals brought back in support an ecosystem that works and grows, it begins with the local people and spreads outward.....all in the baby stages.

                      Today we have grandparents dying in fires that are forgotten been lost in the meaning of what is family.....I shake my head as the world screams at could you let that happen to the elders? I have no answers, just tears....for it all. And what shocks me the most is not the disaster itself but the people screaming you built there, you deserve it!!!...... An I wonder...
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                        The death toll from the Camp Fire in northern California increased to 71 people while 1,011 people are unaccounted for, the Butte County Sheriff said Friday. Sheriff Kory Honea cautioned the list is "dynamic" and will fluctuate. I guess that local lady is right....there will be thousands of people dead. While there is 71 that is ID and reported dead, there are other found and no ID so they do not count them....., many are ashes so my quess they have no id ..they do not count either? here we are what ten days later and the real ugly truth crawls out of the woodwork. It took them this long to compile a list of missing persons, I am beginning to think there is tons more that they do not know about. That is sorry for the tech we have in todays world.
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                          I witnessed many "bush-fires" during the 4 years that I lived in Australia. 80mph firestorms making their own weather.
                          The heat boils the gas vapor out of the Eucalyptus tree leaves. That wafts away to explode somewhere else. Unpredictable!
                          A lot of the metropolitan area of Melbourne, especially the NE outer suburbs, is lush forest with holes cut in it for houses and streets.

                          LaTrobe University sits in the middle of a square mile of grassland. Brown as a donut in the summer.
                          Why there has never been a firestorm in that grass amazes me to this day.
                          Brian T


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                            I am going to post an article about this fire from the people of Hawaii. IN Hawaii we found that we could not count on local or government resources for help at all during our volcano disaster we were shut up and shut down. The voices of people were not heard...... We found there was tons of criminals out there taking the free food and clothes donations....and we found that only resources that were true blue ....was the local people helping each other and getting things done. All of us where shocked at this even in recovery continues on. The islands went out of there way to find a local hubs in California that are true blue. Some local business like Walmarts are major helping some of these people put their tent and what little they saved on their land. The salvation army, and the local people hubs are ones you count on getting a donation to where it needs to go......their are too many known charities can take 70 percent of what you give and put it somewhere else. sell it for their own profit even, we found they even throw it away. This is an article from the people of Hawaii today about this fire crisis the whole truth as much as they can dig it up with zero media trash. The missing have gone up another few hundred..... sadly today. If you know of anyone who willing to donation please warn them and make sure their help is one of the many local hubs with locals who have lost their homes being volunteers to help others in need. Here in the islands we also have no homes even available to rent so families that have not moved to the mainland are still in tents, with local resources major helping them.

                            Saturday Night California Fire Update

                            As more details come out about the horror that the fires have caused, it becomes increasingly difficult to take it in. The people that were trapped and couldn’t escape, the animals, a horse ranch that lost 29 horses, the homeless camps wrought with discouragement and now rainy, cold weather on the way.

                            Camp Fire Stats
                            Death toll up to 76 people
                            1,276 missing
                            12,794 total structures destroyed, including 9,700 homes
                            149,000+ acres burned
                            55% contained
                            46,031 residents evacuated

                            Woolsey Fire Stats
                            Death toll at 3 people
                            1,008 total structures destroyed, 271 damaged
                            98,362 acres burned
                            84% contained

                            The San Francisco SPCA is housing 29 animals from the Camp Fire. There have been some pretty amazing stories of firefighters rescuing animals and then seeing them reunited with owners. There’s also been amazing stories of support of food trucks that dropped everything to go help feed the massive amount of homeless and the emergency workers.

                            One of the biggest needs is for housing.

                            ““Big picture, we have 6,000, possibly 7,000 households who have been displaced and who realistically don’t stand a chance of finding housing again in Butte County,” county housing official Mayer said. “I don’t even know if these households can be absorbed in California.”

                            The county has the capacity to place 800 to 1,000 households in permanent housing, Mayer said. Housing was already scarce in Butte County before the Camp Fire. The housing vacancy rate was less than 2 percent, which “is considered a crisis state,” Mayer said.”

                            California friends, we are still praying for you all.
                            Much love and aloha!

                            One way to help:

                            Oroville Hope Center - Camp Fire Donation Hub
                            CURRENT NEEDS LIST:
                            (We are currently only accepting new items)

                            ***MOST NEEDED: TENTS, TARPS, POP-UP TENTS***

                            1) Men's pants (all sizes)
                            2) Tents, tarps, pop-up tents
                            3) Men's shoes
                            4) Non-perishable food
                            5) cereal, fruit, bread
                            6) Can openers
                            7) Warm gloves
                            8) Kid's underwear
                            9) Heavy blankets
                            10) sleeping bags
                            11) air mattresses
                            12) Towels
                            13) Pillows
                            14) Non-latex gloves
                            15) hair brushes, hair ties

                            Address for shipment of Deliveries:
                            Oroville Hope Center
                            1950 Kitrick Ave A
                            Oroville, CA 95966

                            Donation drop-off address: Hours Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm
                            2850 Feather River Blvd
                            Oroville, CA 95965
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                              Having lived through Hurricanes, fires, tidal waves and major Earthquakes, the death toll lingers in the mind for many years. The Loma Preata (I think spelled correctly) was 7 miles away and was listed at 8.4 and then downgraded to 7.2 or something. Difference is x10 (log scale) but at that level one doesn't know. (Known as the San Francisco quake - but occured 70 miles south! ) 150' trees keel over and crush what is in their fall zone. I had friends that packed up and left the state forever. They just sold their house for almost nothing. We lost 400 houses in the valley and I had a friend driving to work (Pharmacist) in a pickup. A massive tree fell across the highway (4 lane ) and put his engine block into the pavement. The tree was flat on the ground and he was black and blue for stopping so fast. When they fall like that across housing many homes are flattened. As far as the missing - yes many vaporized in the extreme heat. Many made it out and are in Nevada or where they could get to. After the hurricane hit La a few years ago we (area) took in thousands of cars and trucks. A good number of them bought homes here and just stayed. There isn't a registry to sign up on. It is rather ad-hoc in nature.
                              I home they find peace and a road back to their lives.