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    Won't be cold, but we have a snowfall warning = 5"-10" before tomorrow night.
    Maybe one of the last spasms of winter. I'll sure know by Tuesday.
    For total snowfall it has not been too bad, but record-setting cold for all of February.

    Brian T


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      Still raining....and suppose to rain all week.....the only good thing about it is the rainbows and waterfalls it reproduces. 73 degrees outside. ThinkstockPhotos-543845248.jpg
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        Well, here in Central Kansas, we have gotten more winter in the last 30 days than we have had in the last 5 years. 2 blizzards with over a foot of wet snow, and we have had almost 18 months of moisture in the last 5 months. Water running everywhere, which in most years would be a good thing, but we are expecting more rain in the next 2 days.

        If it doesn't start drying off, our farmers will not be able to put in the spring corn, sorghum and soybean crops...too much of a good thing is worse than none at all!

        When it rains at this time of year, it is just miserable. Nothing worse, (to me anyway), than heavy rain, 35 degree temperatures, and 30 mph winds...