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Medical Tests and RVing Part 1

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  • Medical Tests and RVing Part 1

    Sappy suggested that I offer another of my Epistles during my recovery from eye surgery and can't carve. I found this epistle was too verbose for the WCI allowance so here is part one. February 2002, Medical Tests RVing

    I was mowing the yard when this old guy, in a beat up old truck, drove up. Considering our isolation I assumed he was lost. Being neighborly, I went over to talk.
    “You sure do have a lot of rocks,” he observed.
    “Yep, they nearly drive me crazy when I’m brush hogging,” I wondered where this conversation was leading.
    “I could get them out of your way,” he offered.
    “How much,” I came straight to the point.
    “Oh, $20 a load,” he replied.
    Now, I do have a lot of rocks and there would be lots of loads. This could end up costing a bundle. All of a sudden, they did not seem so much of a problem.
    “I don’t know,” I told him; but, decided to leave a door open, “I’ll think about it.”
    “Well, now, you got lot’s of rocks so I guess I could pay $25 a load,” he reluctantly replied.
    You remember that blind hog I mentioned earlie? He came back! “Let’s go get some coffee and talk a bit more about this,” I grunted. Ended up selling rocks!
    Fate sometimes takes good care of those of us who simply blunder through life. I decided to end my cattle baron days. Yep, had a cattle drive (via trailer) and sent the whole herd (all 9 I had left) through the hills (along the highway) to the trailhead (sale barn). My friend, Jr Studyvin, said, “Paul, you made a big mistake. Cattle prices are low right now. You should have waited and sold in the spring.”
    Then along came the big ice storm and cattle were dying all through the mountains. Once a cow goes down on ice they are gone. They also will not dig through snow for feed or bust ice on ponds to drink.
    Jr said, “Paul you made a wise choice. Sold out just before the ice storm.” What’s the old saying, “Even a blind pig gets the slop now and then?” I did keep one foot in the cattle business by leasing the pastures for grazing. As much as for the money, I did it so that I don’t have to do so much brush hogging and fence mending (of the physical kind). It fits right in with leasing the hunting rights to the ranch. Cows in the fields, deer in the woods, squirrels in the trees. A veritable feast!
    ................Continued in Part 2 Medical Tests and RVing