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Just carving for fun....

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  • Just carving for fun....

    It's been a couple of weeks since I posted anything. I finally got the two pieces that I had posted progressive pictures on here, sent off to the gallery and took a deep breath...inhale, exhale..... Since then I have been puttering in the shop, carving just for fun. No deadlines. I did have a standing order from someone for a couple of ornaments but I have those covered now.

    I have been carving ornaments for a couple of weeks. I have one painted, two in the box, waiting to be painted and another that I worked on for about 6 hours today that I can probably finish tomorrow. I love carving ornaments because you can do so many different facial expressions and so many different embellishments.. pipes, holly leaves and berries, fur trim or not, different colors. The gallery prefers standing figures so I seldom get to carve just ornaments anymore but I have some time to do what I want between now and the start of the next gallery piece.

    Our club, the Calusa Wood Carvers, here in the New Port Richey area, has an annual show in the early spring, which I did for a number of years. The show was always a nice experience and I miss doing it. (it's been almost 10 years)
    So, this coming spring, I am doing the show again. I am concentrating on getting a selection of ornaments together for the show and it is so nice to be doing them. The ornament I was working on today has a big toothy grin. Ornaments are such good practice for facial expressions..... It is so much fun to just to carve what ever comes into your head. Woo hoo! I can do this through next February.

    Now, if only it would cool off some. Geez, it's after 11pm and it's still 80 degrees out. Enough already.

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    Re: Just carving for fun....

    Now why didn't you show us some of those ornaments?


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      Re: Just carving for fun....

      Yes, Joy, I was thinking the same thing.. Oh, Boy under this message she will have several of those ornaments.. Come on Susan us some of those cute expressions..I love your carvings.. Charlotte


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        Re: Just carving for fun....

        I will post some pics as soon as I finish the current project. I had hoped to finish him today but Sundays my hubby and I go out to lunch and walk around in the mall, today we actually started our Christmas shopping when we found a good deal on an MP3 player and bought two for a couple of grandkids.

        I got into the shop about 3 this afternoon and worked until about 6. Made a lot of headway on it but I still need to do a lot of finish work.
        It will have to wait until my next day off from the office though. Either Tues or Thurs.


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          Re: Just carving for fun....

          Christmas ? ... Is it getting that time of year again ? ...

          Boy am I behind ...

          Please let us see some of those wonderful Santa's of your's Susan .. Their always great ..



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            Re: Just carving for fun....

            Why thank you, Gene....