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Relatively Instant Logos for Business Cards

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  • Relatively Instant Logos for Business Cards

    From reading posts at different woodworking sites, I've learned that CorelDraw may be a familiar piece of software to many people. When I saw the question about where to get a logo for your business cards, I thought I might share the following information....

    Creating a logo is an art form unto itself for many. I tend to do things quickly as time is limited. If you have a carving you like, you can have it become your logo. I've attached examples to this message that I did a few minutes ago. You'll see a photo of a carving I did that I quickly removed from its background. I then just dragged it into CorelDraw and used a command most people forget about - "trace bitmap." When you choose that, it will give you options for various types of "drawings" that can be used as logos. It only takes a few seconds for the software to work its magic. You can tweak the outcome, but I tend to just go with whatever it comes up with.

    If you have Adobe Photoshop Elements, take your image into the program and you can play with the filter settings. Under the Artistic Filters, Dry Brush or er Edges or Sponge or Water Color might also give you the effect you are looking for. Under Adjustment, you can try erize or Threshold. In all of these cases, it only involves a couple of mouse clicks to get the effect - nothing technical. There is a significant different in the type of file that is produced by CorelDraw and Photoshop Elements but at the business card level, you're probably not going to ever notice it.

    You'll also see examples produced from Photoshop Elements attached.

    I hope this helps spur some additional ideas for possible sources.